5 Best Mixer Grinder In India 2022

It is next to impossible to imagine a kitchen without a mixer grinder in India. This kitchen appliance is essential in daily cooking procedures. By having a mixer grinder, you can handle multiple tasks such as grinding, blending, mixing, etc. Therefore, people in India love to use mixer grinders in their kitchens.

In the Indian market, mixer grinders are available from many brands and include many unique features. If you are looking for a reliable mixer grinder, then you may not get it from the market with ease. But, you can get your preferred product by considering some essential factors. This article contains the top five best mixer grinders in India. So, keep reading till the end to get the right mixer grinder for your kitchen.   

Prestige Iris 750 Watts Mixer Grinder:

Prestige is an excellent brand in the Indian market for its matchless products. This mixer grinder from the Prestige brand comes with a powerful motor to offer seamless performance. It can blend the ingredients smoothly and provide a clear mixer to you. There are four stainless steel jars included with this mixer grinder for enhanced performance. It is a multipurpose mixer grinder so that you can blend fruits and solid ingredients with ease.

As the blades are specially designed using stainless steel, this mixer can blend the ingredients efficiently. Also, the stainless steel jars come with a strong handle for ease of use. With a stylish design, the Prestige Iris mixer grinder is ideal for enhancing the décor of any kitchen. Because of the 750 watts motor, this mixer grinder can blend the ingredients effectively.


  • The jars are made of stainless steel material to prevent rusting.
  • The powerful motor can grind the solid ingredients with ease.
  • This mixer grinder can be used for various purposes.


  • Some buyers complained that they received broken products.

Bajaj GX-1 500 Watts Mixer Grinder:

With 500 watts of the motor, the Bajaj GX-1 mixer grinder is ideal for kitchens with multiple grinding needs. This mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars to let you blend the ingredients effortlessly. It comes with an auto shut off and overload protector the save the motor from power fluctuations. The stainless steel jars come with sharp blades to perform multiple functions conveniently.

This mixer grinder can be used for mixing, grinding, chopping, mincing, etc. Because of its modern design, you can use it in any modern kitchen comfortably. As this mixer grinder is ideal for multiple tasks, you can use it efficiently in your kitchen. It has three-speed settings to let you adjust the speed as per your requirement. This mixer grinder comes with advanced technology to perform a variety of tasks easily.


  • The sharp blades can blend the ingredients effortlessly.
  • This mixer grinder comes with three sturdy jars for high convenience.
  • It has an advanced design to offer seamless performance.


  • The blade quality could be improved.

Bajaj Rex 500 Watts Mixer Grinder:

It is another extraordinary mixer grinder from Bajaj, including multiple useful features. This mixer grinder uses a 500 watts powerful motor to do the grinding and mixing tasks effectively. It comes with a liquidizing jar, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar to help you prepare your favourite dishes. Also, the jars are made of stainless steel material to offer high durability. There are three-speed control options to allow you to set your preferred speed while grinding the ingredients.

This mixer grinder also comes with safety features such as the non-sleep feet to protect it from sliding. This mixer grinder is made of high-quality ABS plastic that doesn’t get corroded with time. The blades of the jars have incredible sharpness to offer outstanding performance in your kitchen. Also, you can blend the ingredients with this mixer grinder with ease. The Bajaj Rex 500 watts mixer grinder is a great choice for those who need a superior grinding tool in their kitchen.


  • This mixer grinder is made of superior ABS plastic for high strength.
  • It has three-speed control options for high flexibility.
  • The Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder has a stylish design to match the décor of any kitchen.


  • Some users complained that they received defective mixer grinders.

Lifelong Power Pro 500 Watts Mixer Grinder:

With 500 watts of power consumption, the Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder is ideal for offering energy-efficient performance. By using this mixer grinder, you can blend solid ingredients effortlessly. The Lifelong mixer grinder comes with several features for ease of use. This appliance comes with a 3-speed control knob so that you can set the speed as per your requirement. It comes with three stainless steel jars and durable lids to offer high performance.

The lids of the jars come with rubber gaskets to lock the ingredients securely in the jars. This mixer grinder also comes with an overload switch to protect it from fluctuations and overheat. The jars come with sturdy handles that offer an excellent grip to let you handle it effectively. The Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder comes with durable blades to mix the ingredients conveniently. Therefore, this mixer grinder is the perfect choice for all your cooking needs.


  • The anti-skid feet protect the mixer grinder from sliding.
  • The 500 watts motor offers efficient performance.
  • There is an overload safety button to protect this mixer grinder from overloads.


  • The built quality of this mixer grinder could be improved. 

Bajaj Classic 750 Watts Mixer Grinder:

It is an outstanding kitchen appliance from the Bajaj brand. With a unique white and maroon colour, this mixer grinder can improve the décor of your kitchen. This mixer grinder comes with three jars for blending the ingredients effectively. High-grade ABS plastic material is used to make this mixer grinder. Also, this mixer grinder offers high durability, and any person can use it in the kitchen for a long time effectively.

The 750 watts motor offers powerful performance to blend the ingredients effectively. It has three-speed control settings to offer high usability to the users. If you need a powerful mixer grinder with several features, then the Bajaj Classic mixer grinder is ideal for you. This brand offers five years of warranty on the motor for your convenience.


  • This mixer grinder comes with multifunction blades for high performance.
  • A powerful motor is equipped with this mixer grinder for an improved experience.
  • This Mixer grinder includes stainless steel jars for rust-free performance.


  • Some users disappointed with the performance of this mixer grinder.


Using an efficient mixer grinder is essential to prepare your favourite dishes, effortlessly. But choosing the best mixer grinder from the market is not that easy. However, you can select any mixer grinder from this article confidently as we have picked the best products from the market.

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