Top 5 microwave ovens in India 2022


Cooking restaurant-like food at home is still a big thing for many homemakers in India. They spend a lot of time learning a variety of recipes and serving their friends and family. But is it possible to cook delicious dishes without the right cooking appliance? If you really want to make finger-licking dishes, then your answer will be no. Therefore, using the right cooking appliances is important to cook delicious food.

Nowadays, the microwave oven is considered the most preferred cooking appliance in India because of its incredible features. There are several useful features to let you cook a variety of dishes effectively. Also, microwave ovens are available in multiple types for different purposes. Therefore, you should know the basic things about microwave ovens to choose the right one for you.

Here we have reviewed the top five microwave ovens in India 2020 so that you can choose the perfect oven for you. Let’s read one by one product to find the right microwave oven for you.  

Bajaj Majesty 1603 microwave oven

Bajaj is one of the top manufacturers in India to produce high-quality electrical appliances. This oven has a capacity of 16 litres and is ideal for families with two to three members. With a heat-isolated handle, this oven lets you prepare your food conveniently without getting any injury. This microwave oven allows you to grill, toast, bake, and cook your food effectively. The Bajaj Majesty 1603 microwave oven features a powder-coated stainless steel construction to offer high durability. Also, this microwave oven is ideal for keeping your food warm for a long time.

It comes with a baking tray and grilling rack to let you prepare cakes, cookies, kebabs, etc. Because of premium quality construction, this oven can offer high performance in your kitchen. Also, this microwave oven can enhance the decoration of any kitchen effectively. It has a 60-minute timer to let you cook your food effectively in no time.

  • The Bajaj Majesty 1603 oven has a powder-coated stainless steel body for rust-free performance.  
  • This microwave oven can last for a long time.
  • There are some accessories included with this oven to let you start your cooking.
  • Some users got disappointed with the performance of this microwave oven.

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Prestige POTG 9 microwave oven

If you are looking for a high-quality microwave oven for your cooking, then you should opt for the Prestige brand. As Prestige manufactures the best quality kitchen appliances, you should use this product for high convenience. With this oven, you can prepare delicious dishes with ease. Because of the built-in timer function, you can control the cooking temperature of this oven easily. The timer function can regulate the temperature conveniently according to the type of dish. The specially designed handle prevents injuries by allowing you to use the oven effectively. As the handle stays cool all the time, you can touch it anytime conveniently.

Also, a baking tray and steel wire rack are included with this microwave oven to allow you to prepare a variety of dishes effectively. This microwave oven also comes with efficient quartz heaters to offer fast cooking performance. It has a glass door so that you can see the dishes while preparing inside the oven. It has knob controls for ease of operation.

  • This microwave oven has a full glass door.
  • High-quality quartz heaters are included with this oven for high performance.
  • This microwave oven has a timer function for efficient temperature control.
  • As per some users, the quality of the accessories could be improved.

Are you looking for a recipes book for microwave cooking? Look our guide on Best microwave cooking books.

IFB 17L Solo microwave oven

If you want to cook a variety of dishes with a microwave oven, then the IFB solo microwave oven is the perfect choice for you. This oven has the latest features to enhance your cooking experience. With flexible power controls, this microwave oven can allow you to adjust the power according to your dishes. It comes with knob controls so that you can operate this oven conveniently. The IFB solo microwave oven has a sleek design to boost the decoration of your kitchen. This microwave oven has a stainless steel cavity to cook the food evenly. For defrosting your food, you can place the food in it and provide the weight of it. This microwave oven can defrost your food effectively.

The IFB solo microwave oven is made for Indian usages and can cook all types of Indian dishes easily. With the IFB solo microwave oven, you can cook a variety of Indian dishes and serve your friends and family. Because of the convenient knob controls, you can use this microwave oven in your kitchen with ease.

  • The IFB solo microwave oven has an advanced design.
  • This oven includes knob controls for ease of use.
  • It is ideal for cooking all types of Indian dishes.
  • Customer service needs improvements.

Godrej 20L Solo microwave oven

The Godrej solo microwave oven comes with convection cooking technology for a faster cooking experience. This microwave oven allows you to cook, bake, grill, and defrost with ease. Because of its versatile design, any person can use this microwave oven for cooking different dishes effortlessly. It is compatible with all types of Indian dishes, and it cooks the food effectively. This oven gets cooled within a few minutes after cooking to last for a long time. Because of the fast cooling feature, this solo microwave oven can offer durable performance to enhance your experience.

With a capacity of 20 litres, the Godrej solo microwave oven is the perfect choice for families with 2 to 3 members. This microwave oven offers a versatile performance so that you can cook different dishes in it conveniently. Godrej provides a 1-year warranty on this microwave oven and a 3-year warranty on the magnetron.

  • This microwave oven is ideal for making soup, paneer, curd, etc.
  • It comes with convection technology for effective cooking.
  • This solo microwave oven can cook all types of Indian dishes effectively.
  • None so far.

Whirlpool 20L solo microwave oven

The Whirlpool solo microwave oven is specially designed to allow you to cook a variety of Indian dishes with ease. It comes with auto power levels to cook the dishes effectively. With 21 auto cook menus, this microwave oven cooks the dishes evenly. This microwave oven features a press-type door lock that saves space. The control panel of this oven has a feather touch feature to allow you for convenient operation. With this oven, you can prepare delicious Dahi effortlessly. This solo microwave oven has an LED display to show you the cooking information.

Because of the powder-coated cavity, this microwave oven can cook your food evenly with ease. There is a convenient defrost function to defrost your frozen food effortlessly. It also has a clock feature to let you know the time required for the specific dishes. This microwave oven contains auto cook menus to allow you to cook the food easily with a single press of a button.

  • The whirlpool solo microwave oven comes with 21 auto cook menus for ease of cooking.
  • The LED display allows you to see the cooking information conveniently.
  • There are five power levels for cooking a variety of Indian dishes.
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We hope now you know the basics of microwave ovens. If you find any microwave oven reviewed in this article is perfect for you, then you should go for it confidently.

If you have any question, then please write in the comment box below. Also, you can let us know which microwave oven you liked most.

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