Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fan in India (June 2022)

The basic purpose of ceiling fans is to provide cool air in your room and give you a convenient experience. They are affordable options in the market. Nowadays, ceiling fans are available in various styles, and 4-blade ceiling fans are one of them. With the best 4-blade ceiling fan in India, you will get efficient airflow in large rooms.

They look great and are capable of enhancing the look of any ceiling. They have beautiful aesthetics and provide a great experience to users. If you have a large ceiling and want to enhance its look uniquely, you can consider using a four-blade ceiling fan.

In this article, we have a list of the best 4-blade ceiling fan in India. So, you can go through this list and choose the best ceiling fan for your home. Also, there is a buying guide to help you select the right ceiling fan out of many options.

Hevells Leganza 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fan in India

Havells is one of the top options when it comes to buying the best 4-blade ceiling fan in India. The Havells products are outstanding and highly reliable. The fan has decorative designs on the blades to give a refreshing look. The modern styling gives a luxurious feel and complements your home décor.

The fan blades feature an innovative design that looks unique. Another good thing about this fan is that it has a metallic paint finish and looks stunning. It has efficient air delivery because of the heavy-duty motor. Overall, you won’t get disappointed by using this ceiling fan.

What We Liked

  • The ceiling fan has a stylish and good-looking design.
  • It looks modern and provides efficient air circulation.
  • The metallic paint finish gives a luxurious feel.

What We Don’t Like

  • It feels low even at the highest speed settings.

Baja Regal Gold NXG 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Candes Brio Turbo 600mm 4 Blade Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Activa High Speed 850 Rpm 600mm Ceiling Fan

Jupiter Quadcopter 4 Blades BLDC 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fan in India

Longway Kiger 600mm Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fan in India

Crompton Ariyabriz 600mm 4 Blade Anti Rust Ceiling Fan

Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fan in India

Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan

Bottom Line

We hope you got the perfect 4-blade ceiling fan that you were looking for. The products listed here provide efficient performance and are selected after a lot of research. Therefore, you can confidently choose any ceiling fan from this list.

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