Best 900mm Ceiling Fan in India (May 2022)

If we list the most used appliances in every home, ceiling fans probably come within the top five. Modern ceiling fans nowadays come in unique designs and in different sizes. For instance, 900mm ceiling fans are mostly preferred for small rooms. A 900mm ceiling fan is a perfect choice for your room if you can’t install a normal ceiling fan.

There are many options available when it comes to buying a 900mm ceiling fan in India. So, it can be tough to choose a ceiling fan from the market. In this article, we have listed the best 900mm ceiling fans in India that you can consider for your home. We have selected these ceiling fans after a lot of research and testing several products available on the market.

Therefore, go through this list and choose which 900mm ceiling fan is suitable for your home. If you want to know what all things to look for when buying a ceiling fan in India, you can check the ceiling fan buying guide.

Atomberg Renesa+ 900mm 28W BLDC Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Andria 900mm Sweep Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

Jupiter Bullet 4 Blades BLDC 900mm Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa 900mm 28W Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Candes Arena 900mm Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Havells SS 390 900mm Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton Briz Air 900mm Ceiling Fan

Polycab ELENZA 900mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola 900mm High Performance Ceiling Fan

Polycab Zoomer DLX Economy 900mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton Senorita 900mm High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

900mm Ceiling Fan

Bottom Line

Choosing the right 900mm ceiling fan from many options in the market doesn’t seem easy, but it is not that difficult as well. If you know how to choose a ceiling fan in India and the important factors to consider, you can choose the best product with ease. We hope this article will help you select a good ceiling fan in India.   

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