9 Best floor lamps in India (December 2022)

Floor lamps are very popular in the Indian market, and they are an alternative to desk or table lamps. These lamps provide more efficient lighting than table lamps. Furthermore, floor lamps are also used for decorative purposes, but choosing the best floor lamps in India can seem challenging because of too many options.

Floor lamps create a warm and inviting environment in your home that can impress your guests. They usually come with metal or wooden stands and a lampshade. There are various types of floor lamps available, so choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

However, the following list of the top 10 best floor lamps will help you choose the right product from the market.    

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List of the Best Floor Lamps In India

Hopdezyo Antique Nautical Wooden Adjustable Floor Lamp

best floor lamps in india

The Hopdezyo wooden floor lamp comes with a unique design that matches the décor of any home. It is available in multiple colours that allow you to choose the right one for your home.

It is easy to install and will enhance the look of any home. The floor lamp is made of high-quality material, so it is durable. You can choose this light depending on the size and the décor of the room because it is available in many colours.

Decorvaiz Wood And Metal Floor Lamp

This floor lamp features a premium design. If you are looking for an affordable floor lamp with better construction and design, you can choose this product.

The Decorvaiz floor lamp is made of wood and metal materials for better usability. Further, it is durable and is ideal for any décor.

Crosscut Furniture Plywood Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is made of wood, and it has a stylish design to match the style of Indian homes. The natural colour of the wood and the functional design of the lamp provide a pleasant experience to the user.

The floor lamp has shelves where you can keep decorative items for an improved look. Its European birch plywood construction and premium blue shade make this lamp great for use in any location.

Nautical Home Wooden Floor Lamp

This wooden floor lamp has a traditional and stylish look. It can be used in contemporary-style rooms for an improved feel. The premium floor lamp can upgrade the look of your space and provide a unique experience.

It is very easy to install this lamp. It is made of high-quality materials and is adjustable. Also, cleaning and maintaining this floor lamp is very simple. It is long-lasting and can be used in homes and offices.

Crosscut Furniture Wood Floor Lamp

best floor lamps in india

It is another product from the crosscut furniture brand, and it is made of wood. This floor lamp is available in four different colours, and all of them are affordable. It has a beautiful look and comes with a premium quality shade.

This lamp can also be used to display planters because it has small shelves. The modern and stylish design of this floor lamp will provide a creative look in your home.

Kraftinn Modern Bamboo Floor Lamp

Kraftinn bamboo floor lamp is designed with bamboo and wood and has a superior design to enhance your contemporary décor. This floor lamp is constructed according to the CBTC guidelines, which is a good thing.

This lamp is handmade and comes in a pillar shape that looks unique and attractive in any décor. It delivers warm lighting and creates a relaxing and comfortable environment in the home. It can be easily transported and installed in any room.

Darkroom Tall Simple Floor Lamp

floor lamp

It is a tall floor lamp and can be used in any room of your home conveniently. The lamp is handmade in India and provides enough lighting to brighten an entire room. It is lightweight, so it is easy to carry from one room to another.

You can easily install this floor lamp in your bedroom, living room, office, or other location because it comes with instructions. Moreover, the lamp matches any furniture, and the white light brightens the room effectively.

Homesake Floor Lamp with Shade

best floor lamps in india

The Homesake floor lamp is ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, shops, offices, and other locations. It has a simple and attractive design and provides a modern look. This lamp is excellent for decorating your home in a unique way.

It can be used for working or reading when it is placed near sofas, armchairs, side tables, etc. The floor lamp has a wide base to ensure stability. It is handcrafted with high-quality material for high durability.

Calvin Handicrafts Wooden Floor Lamp

floor lamps

With faux wood material construction, the Calvin wooden floor lamp provides a great look in any room. It has a lightweight design and is available in multiple colours. You can use this lamp in your bedroom, living room, study room, dining room, etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are available in various designs and styles in India, which can create confusion when buying one for your home. But the following buying guide will help you choose the best floor lamp in India. Here we have listed some essential points that you can consider before buying a floor lamp.


Checking the height of the floor lamp is an important thing before buying it. Make sure that it is below or at your eye level if you are going to use it near your sofa or bed. If you want to use the lamp at a distance from your bed or sofa, you can choose a taller floor lamp.


Make sure that you choose a floor lamp that comes with bulbs so that you don’t have to buy bulbs separately. But if the lamp doesn’t come with bulbs, you should buy the bulbs recommended by the manufacturer. Also, the bulbs should be energy efficient so that they will save your electricity costs.


Some adjustment options like adjustable stand, swing arm, lighting adjustments, etc., are essential to have in a floor lamp. These features help use the lamp conveniently.

Build Quality

The floor lamp should have excellent build quality and durability. So, you will have to check the type of materials and their quality before choosing a floor lamp. The base and the stand of the lamp should be made of metallic or wood for better stability and longevity.

Also, floor lamps with tripod stands are a good choice to opt for. Jute and stiffener are the best materials for the lampshade.

Easy To Assemble

The floor lamp should be easy to assemble so that you can easily use it. You can choose pre-assembled floor lamps for better convenience and ease of use. If you buy a DIY floor lamp, it should be easy to assemble.

Bottom Line

Floor lamps have high importance in homes for better lighting and decoration. They can be helpful when you are working or reading. But it is common to get confused when choosing the best floor lamps in India for your home. We hope this article has cleared your doubts and will help you select the best floor lamp in India.

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