6 Best 2 Slice Pop Up Toaster Under 2000 Rs. in India 2022

best 2 slice pop up toaster in india


Do you want to get a healthy breakfast every morning? Are you unable to make breakfast every morning? If the answer is yes, then toasters are ideal for you. Toasters are a handy appliance to have in every kitchen to get delicious breakfast every morning. With the right toaster, you can make tasty toasts for your breakfast. If you are looking for best pop up toasters in India, then a 2 slice toaster can be the perfect choice for you.

In this article, we have reviewed 6 best 2 slice pop-up toasters in India. If you are not familiar with pop-up toasters, then this article is for you. You can read this article till the end and select the right pop-up toaster for you. The best thing about the following pop-up toasters is that all of them are priced under 2000 rupees.   

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Philips HD2582/00 830 Watts 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Philips appliances are very popular in India for their unique performances. This pop-up toaster comes with 8 unique settings and a bun warming rack to allow you to make a tasty breakfast every morning. This pop-up toaster has two large slots to toast different sizes of bread slices with ease. The reheat and defrost function adds convenience to the breakfast making process. The cancel button allows you to stop the toasting process anytime you want.

Because of the removable crumb tray, you can clean the bread scraps with ease. The high lift function allows you to take out the smaller bread pieces from it conveniently. The auto shut off feature protects the appliance from getting damaged due to overheat or electricity fluctuations. Therefore, this pop-up toaster can be the perfect choice for any person to enjoy a healthy breakfast every morning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable crumb tray.
  • High lift function.
  • Unique bun rack.
  • Auto shut off feature.

Pigeon Stovekart 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Pigeon pop-up toaster is a convenient kitchen appliance for making delicious breakfasts. With this toaster, you can get perfect toasts at home every day. It has 6 browning levels to offer you your desired colour of toasts at home. The automatic pop-up feature makes the toasts with ease. This toaster consumes 700 watts of power to offer a convenient performance.

If you are looking for a compact pop-up toaster for your kitchen, then the Stovekart toaster is the perfect option for you. This pop-up toaster has a shockproof body to let you use it safely. It has a cord winder system at the base to allow you to organize the cord appropriately while storing it. This two-slice auto pop-up toaster is ideal for small and medium-sized families to make delicious sandwiches and toasts every morning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Auto pop-up technology to prevent burning.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Six browning controls.
  • Shockproof body for safe performance.
  • Anti-skid base.

Cello Quick 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster:

best pop up toasters in india

Cello quick pop-up toaster is a great choice to make crunchy sandwiches at home. It has a sleek and compact design to offer better results. Because of its modern look, it can be a convenient addition to your kitchen countertop. It has 7 browning levels to provide you with crispy toasts of your preferred colour.

There is a crumb tray at the bottom of this toaster to collect the crumbs and allow you to clean it conveniently. The anti-skid base adds stability to this appliance and helps offer a reliable performance. It has a cord storage space at the bottom to let you arrange the cord with ease. The upper cover of this pop-up toaster is made of aluminium materials for enhanced durability and ease of maintenance.     

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient cancel button.
  • Red light indicator to inform when toast is ready.
  • Cord storage at the bottom.
  • Easy-to-access crumb tray for ease of cleaning.

Prestige PPTPKY 850 Watts Pop-Up Toaster:

With 6 browning levels, the Prestige PPTPKY pop-up toaster is a superb appliance for our kitchen. By using this pop-up toaster, you can make crispy toasts with ease. This toaster has wider slots to let you toast the bread conveniently. The toaster has a modern design and comes with a unique yellow colour body to add a stylish look to your kitchen. There is a protective cover in this toaster to keep the slots safe from dust and other harmful particles. Therefore, this toaster can give you hygiene food every morning.

The Prestige PPTPKY pop-up toaster has four toasting options to offer you the best cooking experience. The four toasting options include cancel, defrost, reheat, and bagel. The design of this appliance is also sleek and has cord winder storage for ease of storing. Therefore, if you need a pop-up toaster for your kitchen, then the Prestige PPTPKY toaster is the right choice for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cord winder storage.
  • Easy-to-clean crumb tray.
  • Protective cover for slots.
  • Sleek body.
  • Unique yellow colour body.

Usha 3720 700 Watts Pop-Up Toaster:

best pop up toasters in india

If you are looking for a low power consuming toaster for your kitchen, then the Usha 3720 toaster is the perfect choice for you. With this handy kitchen appliance, you can get your preferred toasts every morning. With the white colour body and grey colour controls, this toaster looks great and can improve your kitchen’s look. It has 7 browning settings for ease of use.

The mid-cycle cancel button adds convenience to the toasting process and lets you cancel the process anytime. The cord winder storage at the base allows you to store this toaster at a compact space conveniently. Another specialty of this pop-up toaster is it is made with Indian standards and ideal for use in any Indian home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Shockproof body.
  • Easy cleaning with removable crumb tray.
  • High lift function.

best pop up toasters in india
Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

V-Guard VT230 Two Slice Toaster:

best pop up toasters in india

This toaster is a new creation from the V-Guard brand to add convenience to any kitchen. It has wider slots to toast different sizes of bread slices with ease. Also, there is a bun warming rack in this toaster to allow you to warm pavs, buns, etc. conveniently. The removable crumb tray adds convenience in cleaning the crumbs. It consumes 850 watts of power to provide efficient heat to the bread slices and toast them uniformly.

This toaster has 4 browning settings and a slider bar to control the browning options with ease. As it has a compact design, you can store it in your kitchen with ease. The control buttons of this toaster are LED illuminated for better usability. Those who need a stylish cum useful toaster in their kitchen can opt for this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient bun warming rack.
  • Slider control for controlling the browning settings.
  • Instant heating technology.
  • Latest design.


We hope you liked this article. As 2 slice pop-up toasters are the best choice for every Indian kitchen, you can pick any toaster from this article for your kitchen.

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