Best Rechargeable Emergency LED Light in India for Home (October 2022)

When there is a power cut in our area, the first thing I look for is where is the emergency light. It is an important accessory to have at home because it can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have the best rechargeable emergency LED light in India for Home, you can easily lighten your home during power cuts.

Personally, I use emergency lights for indoor and outdoor purposes. This article lists the 10 best Rechargeable Emergency LED Light in India for Home. We have tried some of the emergency lights listed in this article and thought that it is worth sharing our experiences. So, go through this article to know which emergency light is the best for your use.

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List of the Best Emergency Lights in India

Syska T0790LA Tuo Rechargeable Emergency LED Light

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

The Syska emergency light has a travel-friendly design and can be carried to different locations with ease. It charges for 12 to 15 hours and runs for three hours in lamp mode and four hours in torch mode. The emergency light has a light indicator to let you know when it is charging.

The sliding switch helps you switch on and off the light with ease. It has a built-in 2-pin plug which fits two-pin and three-pin sockets properly. So, you can use this light with no hassle.

Syska Sparkle Rechargeable Emergency LED Light 

It is another high-quality emergency LED light from the Syska brand. This light comes with a 3000mAh battery and requires 3.7 volts to operate. It can be used up to 5 hours after a full charge, and it takes 8 to 12 hours to charge. The outer body of the rechargeable light is made using high-quality ABS plastic.

There is a sliding on/off switch for ease of use. The charging indicator allows you to know if the light is charging or not. Another good thing is that it comes with a dimming switch to adjust the brightness. This emergency light is suitable for travel purposes.

Pick Ur Needs Rechargeable Home Emergency Light

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

If you are looking for a powerful, high-quality, portable, and affordable emergency light for your home, you should opt for this product. This LED light has 60 LEDs and provides high brightness. It has a working time of up to 8 hours.

It comes with a convenient handle to allow you to carry it with no hassle. You can use this light for various purposes indoors as well as outdoors. The light is IPX4 water-resistant, and it is made of durable ABS plastic. It provides 500 lumens brightness and 180 degrees of lighting angle.

Philips Blaze Multifunctional Rechargeable Emergency LED Light

Philips is one of the leading electronics and electrical products manufacturing brands in India. This brand makes reliable products that last for a long time. This emergency light can be turned on instantly to brighten your home. It can be used as a torch or a lantern according to your requirements.

The headlight offers 400 lumens of brightness, while the side light offers 220 lumens of brightness. The Philips blaze emergency light has 4 lighting modes, and those are high brightness headlamp, low brightness headlamp, lantern, and SOS flashlight. It has a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery with a charging time of 5 hours and a working time of four hours.

Amazon Basics Blaze 360 Degree Rechargeable LED Light

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

With 84 LED lights and a brightness adjustment switch, the amazon basics blaze emergency light offers 360-degree lighting. It can be a great companion during power failures. The light comes with a 2400mAh lithium-ion battery and requires 8 to 10 hours to fully charge.

With the highest brightness settings, this light can last for up to 1.75 hours, and with the lowest settings, it can last up to 16.5 hours. It comes with a USB cable for efficient charging. It comes with a convenient handle so that you can easily carry and hang it.

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Pigeon Capella LED Rechargeable Emergency Light

The Pigeon Capella emergency light has a tall and portable design for ease of use. You can use this light indoors and outdoors conveniently. This light has 42 LED lights with an instant on/off feature. It has a higher lifespan compared to incandescent light bulbs.

One thing I liked about this emergency light is that it comes with two battery packs of 1600mAh each. So, it can brighten your room for longer periods. I am able to adjust the brightness of this light very easily by using the rotary switch.

The auto cut off feature keeps the light from overcharging by stopping the power. However, it takes around 20 to 24 hours to charge fully when the battery is down. The average charging time of this light is 8 hours. Although it claims to have a working time of 8 hours, the actual working time varies between 5 hours and 8 hours.

Pigeon Dhruv Shine 2 In 1 Emergency Light and Table Lamp

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

Pigeon makes high-quality emergency lights, and its lights are very attractive. This 2-in-1 light comes in very handy because of its compact and portable design. It has 14 LED lights and offers enough brightness to illuminate your room. The light feels sturdy to hand because of its premium plastic body.

Users usually love to use this light indoors as well as outdoors. The emergency light comes with a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery to power the light properly. It can last for up to 10 hours when used in low power mode. When used in table lamp mode, it lasts up to 5 hours. The light requires 4 to 6 hours to fully charge.

One good thing that I liked about this emergency light is that it can be charged using a USB cable. It charges from laptops, power banks, car charging sockets, and other mobile charging options. Also, the emergency light is backed by overcharge protection to extend the battery life.

Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable Emergency LED Light

Philips is one of the trustable brands when it comes to buying electrical or electronic appliances for the home. So, we have tried the Philips Ujjwal emergency light. The compact and lightweight design makes this light very easy to use. With 32 LED lights, it provides 250 lumens of brightness.   

The handle on the top makes it very easy to hold and carry this emergency light. We liked the lantern design of this light because it offers 360-degree lighting. The silver metal plates are strategically placed between the LED lights to offer improved brightness. Its charging indicator and simple on/off switch make it very easy to use.

Philips Helio Multifunctional Rechargeable Emergency LED Light 

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

Just like the previous product, this emergency LED light is an outstanding product from the Philips brand. It has a unique design and is very easy to use. The emergency light has three lighting modes, and those are Head light, dim light, and strong light. There is a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that takes around 8 hours to fully charge.

This light can run up to 8 hours in the dim light mode and 2.5 hours in the strong light mode. But the actual performance of the battery could be improved, according to some users. The emergency light has a compact and portable design for ease of carrying. This rechargeable emergency light is great for use in home, office, and other locations.

Amazon Basics Glow 180 Degree Rechargeable LED Light

best rechargeable emergency led light in india for home

With a simple and stylish design, the amazon basics rechargeable emergency light comes in handy during power failures. This light has 66 LED lights to provide maximum brightness. It illuminates 180 degrees which efficiently eliminates the lighting requirements if there is a power cut.

What we liked about this light is that it doesn’t heat up. The Amazon Basics emergency light comes with a removable handle to let you handle and carry it with ease. The 3000mAh lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in 8 to 10 hours.

According to the manufacturer, this emergency light can work up to 17.5 hours in dim lighting mode and 2 hours in the highest lighting mode. A USB charging cable is provided with this light. It successfully passed 34 tests related to safety, performance, and other things.

Things to consider before buying a rechargeable emergency light

Rechargeable emergency LED lights in India are available in many types, styles, and designs. So here, we have listed some of the important factors to consider when buying an emergency light for your home.

Running Time

When buying an emergency light in India, you need to consider its running time. Make sure that the light can run for a longer duration. A running time of at least 4 to 5 hours is a must to look for. Some models can work up to 15 to 17 hours in dim lighting mode.

Number Of LED Bulbs

Checking the number of LED bulbs available in the emergency light is also an important factor. If the light has more LED bulbs, it will provide more brightness. So, make sure that you choose a high-quality rechargeable emergency LED light by checking the number of LEDs available.

Battery Capacity

When buying the best rechargeable emergency LED light in India for home, you must check the battery capacity. Emergency lights with a higher battery capacity are great for use, although they may take longer to recharge. Normally, the battery capacity of LED emergency lights varies from 1500mAh to 3000mAh or a little more.   


The emergency light you are going to buy should be durable enough to withstand harsh environments. You should check the material the light is made of to know how durable it is. Usually, the best rechargeable emergency LED lights are made of plastic materials, so you will need to choose a product made of high-quality plastic.

Easy To Use

Make sure that the LED light you are buying is easy to use. It should have a simple on/off switch so that you can operate it seamlessly. Also, there should be a charging indicator to let you know when the light is charging. For charging the light, there should be a USB cable.


Portability is another important factor to consider when buying an emergency light in India. Ensure that the light is lightweight and has a convenient handle to carry it with ease. Buying a portable emergency light will allow you to use it indoors and outdoors with ease.

Bottom Line

So, it was all about the best rechargeable emergency LED light in India for home. We hope you can now decide which light is suitable for your use. The points mentioned in the buying guide will help you choose the best emergency light from the market.