Best Wall Mounted Fan in India (July 2022)

When it comes to fans with compact design and maximum efficiency, wall fans are the best option. They perform great and circulate air in all directions. Because they are attached to the wall, they don’t need a lot of space. So, you can get the best wall-mounted fan in India if you need a powerful and effective fan for your home.

Wall-mounted fans are the perfect option for places where little floor space is available. Also, a wall-mounted fan is the best option for places where installing a ceiling fan is not possible. In this article, we have a list of the best wall-mounted fan in India.

This post will help you choose the right wall-mounted fan for your home. Also, we have a buying guide here for your reference.

Amazon Basics 55-Watt High Speed Wall Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Wall Fan

Crompton High Speed Torpedo 400mm Wall Fan

best wall fan in india

V-Guard Esfera Plus RW Wall Mounted Fan

Atomberg Efficio+ Energy Efficient 400mm Wall Mounted Fan

Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

Usha Pentacool 400mm Wall Fan

Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

Lifelong LLWF922 Wall Fan with Automatic Oscillation

Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Wall Fan

Orient Electric Wall 44 Trendz 400mm Wall Fan

Best Wall Mounted Fan in India

How To Choose the Best Wall Mounted Fan in India?

Choosing the best wall-mounted fan in India is not going to be easy because there are many options available. However, it can be easier if you consider some important aspects before buying a wall-mounted fan.


Generally, the main motive for buying a wall-mounted fan is to save ceiling space or to get airflow in small areas. So, the typical size of a wall-mounted ceiling fan shouldn’t be too big. It should come in the right size to fit into any space perfectly.

Speed Control Option

It is another important thing to look for in a wall-mounted fan before buying. Make sure that it comes with speed control options so that you can operate the fan as per your requirements. Fans with controllable speed will provide you with a great experience.

Remote Control

Some wall-mounted fans come with remote controls to let you control the speed. Such fans are very convenient to use.


The durability of the wall-mounted fan is crucial to check so that you can use it efficiently for a long time. The fan should be made of good quality materials for maximum sturdiness and long-lasting performance.


You should choose a wall-mounted fan from a reputable brand that provides excellent quality products at affordable rates. You can choose a brand depending on your own preferences. This post lists wall-mounted fans from the top brands that you can consider using.

Bottom Line

As discussed above, choosing the best wall-mounted fan is not so easy, but the above points will help you with this. We hope this article will help you buy a superb wall-mounted fan for your home.

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