Best microwave recipe books in India (Jan 2023)

After purchasing a microwave oven, any person wants to cook different dishes daily. But everyone doesn’t know how to prepare all the recipes. Therefore, one should get a recipe book for microwave ovens to cook different recipes every day. This post lists the best microwave recipe books in India to help you get the right … Read more

Uses of Logic gates (basic gates)

#Technical studies – Study 6 Introduction Logic gates are the fundamental building blocks of digital circuit. The term logic gate defines that the circuit that able to take decisions. Logic gates give one type of output when certain types of inputs are present and another type of output when some other types of inputs are … Read more

Introduction to Pneumatic system- advantages and applications

#Technical studies – Study 16 Introduction The word pneuma means breathe. Pneumatic system is the fluid power system that uses compressed air as a medium for controlling and transmitting the power. The device that used for compressing the air is called compressor. The compressed air is stored in a container for further use that is … Read more

What is a Transistor? Types of transistors…

#Technical studies-study 10 Introduction Transistor is a three terminal semiconductor device. It allows controlling the flow of current from one terminal to another by controlling flow of current in the third terminal.  It replaced the vacuum tubes. After diode, transistor is the second fundamental semiconductor device in electronics. It is used in every electronics devices. … Read more

Do freelancers really make money?

How to Make More Money Doing Freelancing

Technical Studies Study 30 Do freelancers really make money? Freelancing is one of the talked subjects among people nowadays. Probably, it is the best profession that provides freedom and allows you to work on different projects from anywhere, anytime. Because of this reason, many people choose to be a full-time freelancer and earn money. The … Read more

A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction Affiliate marketing is a marketing program in which a big retailer or product provider gets traffic from a third-party marketer and makes sales. In return, the third-party marketer gets a commission. Currently, this has become a popular method for earning money. This affiliate marketing guide will discuss the basics of affiliate marketing.   Affiliate … Read more

10 Scientific ways for losing weight

Losing weight is a very tough and almost impossible job for a lot of people, and to fulfill this, many people try to do a lot of things out of their way as well. However, many people don’t understand that losing weight does not need too much hard work and can get started by following … Read more

7 natural herbs to burn belly fat

#Technical Studies Study 32 Everyone dreams to look thinner and better always but very few among them can accomplish it in the first place. However, there exist a lot of herbal remedies by which the others can also achieve the same thing and can also preserve it for almost forever. Here we have a list … Read more

What are Half wave rectifiers?

#Technical Studies-Study 3 Rectifiers What are Half wave rectifiers? Rectifier is an electronics circuit that converts AC signal into DC. It is very useful because electronics circuits operate on DC voltage. Rectifier is two types: 1.Half wave rectifier 2.Full wave rectifier Full wave rectifier is of two types 1.Center taped full wave rectifier 2.Bridge rectifier … Read more

Clipper circuit using Diode and its applications

#Technical studies – Study 18 Introduction A clipper is a circuit that removes positive half cycle, negative half cycle or both half cycles of the input waveform. This type of circuit is useful for wave shaping, voltage limiting applications. See Also: Best table lamp in India Clamper circuit Positive clipper circuit: In this circuit the … Read more