Do freelancers really make money?

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Do freelancers really make money? Freelancing is one of the talked subjects among people nowadays. Probably, it is the best profession that provides freedom and allows you to work on different projects from anywhere, anytime. Because of this reason, many people choose to be a full-time freelancer and earn money.

The increased number of people in the freelancing space increases competition among them. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic enabled many jobless people to become freelancers. This is why the freelancing market is growing rapidly, and new job opportunities are coming up. Because of freelancers, employers also get benefited since they don’t need to hire people and pay them monthly. They pay freelancers for the work that the freelancers do.

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However, many freelancers don’t get their desired job because of the competition. Although the freelancing profession empowers people to earn money online, it doesn’t help them increase their income. Most freelances charge less than the actual budget of the client to get the job. On most freelance websites, clients award the jobs to the freelancers who have bidden a lesser amount than other freelancers. This way, the chance of increasing your income as a freelancer gets reduced.

Apart from that, many freelancers stay unemployed most of the time because they can’t find good clients. Also, many freelancers continue working with unreliable clients just to meet their expenses. They do more work at less price, which decreases their effectiveness and makes them bored. So, it is time to find solutions for these problems so that freelancers can increase their income this year.

Here we are going to discuss 7 outstanding methods that can increase your income as a freelancer in 2021. Yes, you can adopt these methods to earn more money for doing freelancing.

Try to Get High Paying Jobs

In the beginning, it might be tougher for you to get a high paying job. But after freelancing for a period of time, you can easily identify real and valuable jobs for you. You can easily determine which client will pay you the right amount for your time and which client won’t. Once you get a high-value job, you can easily increase your income.

Communicate with multiple clients and see how they are talking with you before and after offering the job to you. This way, you can decide which client is good and can pay more for your time. Apart from that, you can also determine the value of the job by knowing its type, whether it is hourly, fixed, onetime, or long-term job.

Do Some Other Work in Your Free Time

Try to do something when you don’t have any work to earn a passive income. Yes, most freelancers don’t get work all time and keep struggling to reach new clients. But instead of doing that, you can use your skills and do some side work for making money. That is what most entrepreneurs do to create multiple sources of income.

For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can start writing an e-Book in your free time. Also, you can join an online course to learn a new skill like editing, copywriting, etc. This way, you can have multiple ways to earn money.

Improve Your Productivity

Another excellent way to earn more money as a freelancer is to improve your productivity. Whatever work you are doing as a freelancer, you need to ensure that you are improving yourself day by day. You should be able to provide higher efficiency in your work so that your clients will love to work with you. Once you improve your productivity compared to you are in the beginning, then you can work with multiple clients at the same time and earn more money.

Find More Clients

Sometimes you just need to get more clients to work with to earn more. But make sure that you are getting good clients those who are willing to pay more. Most importantly, try to avoid low-value clients because they will offer only a little amount for your work and waste your valuable time.

To find the best clients, you can visit different freelance job listing platforms online. Also, many freelancers say that it has become very easy to find freelancing work because of technology. In order to get high-value clients, you need to build an attractive portfolio with your work samples. This will help clients to know about you and offer you the job.

Upsell Your Clients

It is easier to upsell your services to your existing clients than finding new ones. Usually, your existing clients know your working style and will agree to pay more for your work. This way, you can earn more than you are actually earning.

Normally, clients work with multiple freelancers for their work. So, if you let them know your additional services, then they can easily get agreed to pay you more than finding a new freelancer.

Increase Your Rates

Another way to earn more as a freelancer is to charge more for your works. You might have listened to some freelancers who earn much higher than a normal freelancer. Yes, the only thing they do is ask for more from their clients to increase their income.

You can research online and know the actual rate of the services that you offer. It is very simple to know the latest price and ask your clients to pay that amount to you.

Social Presence

Social presence is another excellent way to make more money as a freelancer. Many ways are there to show your social presence. You can present on different social media sites and showcase your work there. There, you can also showcase your past clients so that people can come to know your standard of work. Also, this can help you get new clients.


Therefore, it is not very difficult to earn more as a freelancer. You can follow these brilliant ways to double your income as a freelancer. Even if you try to implement one or two ideas from this post, then it will help you increase your income gradually.      

So, it completely depends on you.     

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