7 Things to consider before buying the best extension boards in India

Who doesn’t know what an extension board is? Everybody knows it and wants to buy the right extension board for their use. But the market is filled with numerous extension boards and can confuse you if you have no experience in buying such a product. This is why we have prepared this buying guide to help you select a well-performing extension board from the market.

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Number Of Sockets On Extension Boards

One of the important things that you need to look for is the number of sockets available on the extension board. The number of sockets on the extension board should meet your requirements.

Also, it should have enough space between the sockets so that you can easily power multiple devices using it. Make sure that you check different products and then select a good extension board for you.

This is an extension with 10 number of socks. If you need an extension board with maximum number of sockets, you can try this.

CROSSVOLT Power Strip with 10 Power Outlets

extension boards
CROSSVOLT Power Strip with 10 Power Outlets


Extension boards are manufactured by different brands in India. So, if you don’t know which one is a good brand, then you may end up buying the wrong product for your use.

When there are several products available from the local brands, it is good to choose an extension board from the reputed brands.

This will give you maximum value and enhance your experience. Extension boards of the top brands provide high efficiency and value for money. Also, you can use such products for a long time compared to products of local brands.

Build In Quality

This is an important feature to look for when you are buying an extension board for your use. The board should have excellent build quality to perform well.

The build quality of the extension board also determines its efficiency. Therefore, you should look for an extension board that is durable and can perform efficiently.

Cable Length

The length of the cable determines how easily you can connect the extension board and use it. Extension boards that come with long cables are great for use. You should look for an extension board that has at least a two-meter cable for easy usability.

On/Off Switch

This is another feature that you need to take into consideration when buying an extension board. In general, traditional extension boards come with one switch to control all the sockets. But modern extension boards come with separate switches for every socket.

So, they offer more flexibility and will let you use electricity efficiently. This extension board will allow you to switch on and switch off the sockets individually when needed. This way, these boards help save electricity as well.

This extension board has a button for on/off function and a 1.8 meter long cable. It is great for use in any place.

ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port

extension boards
ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port

Value For Money

You will need to ensure that the extension board that you are going to buy will provide you with value for money. It should be worth it for the price and contain all the features that you are looking for. By considering this point, you can get the ideal extension board for your use.

Load Bearing Capacity

Before you finalize an extension board to buy, you need to consider what load you want to connect to the board. All extension boards are not capable of bearing the same load.

Some extension boards are designed for heavy load applications, while some others are designed for low load applications. Therefore, you will need to choose an extension board considering your needs.


An extension board is a crucial thing for every home. By having a good extension board, you can use any appliance in your home at any location without worrying about the availability of a wall socket near to it.

We hope that the above buying guide will help you select the best extension board for your use. Make sure that you consider all your preferences and buy an extension board accordingly.     

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