7 Types Of Floor Lamps Available

A floor lamp plays an important role in lighting as well as decorating a room. It will make your room look new. Also, you can use a floor lamp for reading and other tasks. So, it is essential to know different types of floor lamps before you buy a floor lamp for your home.

Floor lamps are available in various types, styles, and designs. This article lists some common types of floor lamps available in India to help you choose the best one for you.

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Benefits of Floor lamp

The best place to keep a floor lamp

Tower Lamp

Tower floor lamps are specially designed lamps that provide enough illumination and help you organize your space better. As the name suggests, they are tall and can enhance the beauty of your room. A tower lamp can look like a sculpture when it is not turned on.

Club Floor Lamp

Club floor lamps offer a traditional look and have a different design. They have a narrow column and a light on the top. Club lamps are available in various styles. For example, some lamps can have a decorative design while others can have a simple and plain column.

Multi-Way Floor Lamp

A multi-way floor lamp is also known as a tree floor lamp. This type of lamp contains multiple lights on a single lamp. You can adjust the lights of this lamp depending on your needs. Tree lamps provide a sophisticated look and can be used in any home.

Tripod Floor Lamp

A tripod floor lamp has a unique look compared to the standard one. It contains three columns connected with a chain to hold the light and the lampshade. This type of floor lamp can improve the look of your space.

Arching Floor Lamp

This type of floor lamp has a long arm attached to the base that bends on the top to lighten a broader area. You can use an arching lamp in your dining room, seating area, and other locations to properly illuminate the area.

types of floor lamps

Task Floor Lamp

Task floor lamps can be used for various tasks because they come with adjustable light. You can change the direction of this light depending on your requirements. This type of floor lamp is also known as a downbridge lamp.

Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Swing Arm floor lamps allow you to adjust the position of the lamp according to your needs. You can adjust the arm direction for doing different tasks.

7 Types Of Floor Lamps

As discussed above, floor lamps are available in various types and styles. Once you know the types of floor lamps available in India, you can easily determine which one is suitable for your home. We hope this article has answered your questions.    

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