6 Things to consider when buying wall clocks in India

Last updated on February 21st, 2024 at 07:28 pm

Are you in search of a new wall clock for your home? If yes, you are in the right place. It is common to get overwhelmed with the number of wall clocks available in the market. However, this best wall clock buying guide will help you select the right product for your home.

Nowadays, wall clocks are not limited to reading the time. They are available in different designs that give an enhanced look to the space. Also, they are available in digital and analog models. So, you need to know all the things to consider when buying a wall clock.

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Types Of Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are available in different types depending on different categories. So, you have to first decide whether you need a digital clock or an analog clock.

Digital Wall Clock

Digital wall clocks show time in a display in numbers that are easy to understand. Even small children who learn how to read time for the first time can understand a digital clock. These clocks also display week and date. Some models also have the ability to adjust time as per the time zone.

Analog Wall Clock

Analog clocks have been used since ancient times. They have numbers written from 1 to 12 and three moving hands in the middle. Depending on the placement of these three moving hands, one can read the time.

Nowadays, analog wall clocks come with some unique designs, for example, the number can be written in roman or cardinal numerals. Also, some models come with attractive sceneries that make them stand out where they are installed.


The style of the wall clock is also a notable feature to take into consideration. Wall clocks in India are available in various styles such as vintage, minimalist, original, and children. Depending on your home décor and the place of installation, you can decide which style of wall clock will be right for you.


You should choose the size of the wall clock depending on the place where you want to hang it. These clocks are available in multiple sizes, so you can get the right one for you easily. Also, consider the size of numbers of the clock and ensure that you can easily read time from a distance with that clock.


Normally, people select round wall clocks because they look good and are easily available. But wall clocks are also available in different other shapes such as square, triangular, rectangular, etc. Therefore, you can choose the shape of the mirror depending on your wish.


The type of material used for making the wall clock is an important thing to look for. You can decide which material to use considering the style of your other furniture and your home décor. Wood is a popular material used in wall clocks, but it is porous in nature. So, you should look for a wooden wall clock that is specially treated to last for a long time.

Plastic wall clocks are also very popular because they are affordable and lightweight. Since many people prefer plastic wall clocks, you can find these clocks in many styles and shapes.

Metal wall clocks are considered long-lasting and have a high demand in modern homes. These clocks are generally made of steel because this material is highly durable and can last for a long time.


Some wall clocks make sounds to notify the exact time. You can consider buying such a clock if you want to know when an hour passes. If you don’t want any sounds from the clock, you should choose a clock that operates without making ticking sounds.


Having a decorative and functional wall clock will let you see the time easily and enhance the look of your space. So, you should choose a wall clock considering all the important features.     

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