11 Things to Consider Before Buying Induction Cooktops in India

Over the past few years, induction cooktops have become very popular in Indian kitchens. Most Indian households prefer using induction cooktops instead of gas or electric cooktops. In general, there are several reasons for this. One of the major reasons why Indian people like to use induction cooktops is that they are energy efficient. Here we will discuss how to choose induction cooktop in the Indian market.

Induction cooktops are easy to use and come with many unique features for the convenience of the user. If you are looking to invest in a kitchen appliance that you can efficiently use for a long time, then you should consider buying an induction cooktop.

But it is not that easy to buy an induction cooktop from the Indian market because the market is full of many induction cooktops. While buying an induction cooktop, you should consider some important points that matter to you. The following are some crucial points that you should consider when choosing the best induction cooktop for your kitchen.

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Power Rating

Considering the power rating of the induction cooktop is very important before you make the purchase. You should ensure that the induction cooktop is powerful enough to meet your cooking requirements. Generally, people look for an induction cooktop that can offer maximum power because those appliances can cook the food faster.

The power rating of induction cooktops is measured in watts, and an induction cooktop with at least 2000 watts of power is great for most homes. Generally, the power of an induction cooktop can be more or less, depending on the size of the appliance. The bigger the induction cooktop, the more power it can deliver.

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Number Of Cooking Zones

Usually, you can get induction cooktops with a single cooking zone in India. These cooktops are great for families with one or two members. But for bigger families, an induction cooktop with more than one cooking zone is ideal. However, such induction cooktops are not widely available in India.

Preset Menu

A preset menu is a feature that is included in induction cooktops of many brands. The main use of this feature is that this lets you preset the cooking temperature depending on the dish and the ingredients. Some examples of the preset menu are frying vegetables, roti, boiling milk, making rice, and many others.

When you set the preset temperature, the temperature of the cooktop gets automatically adjusted depending on the dish. But you should also check the placement of buttons and ensure that they are placed properly.

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Pan Detection

Pan detection is a feature that some induction cooktops come with. This feature generally ensures that the induction cooktop starts to work when the pan is placed. This stops the induction cooktop when the pan is removed from the surface. This feature ensures maximum safety.

Because of this feature, the induction cooktop won’t work if any inappropriate utensil is placed over the cooktop. In this case, the induction cooktop produces a sound and switches off automatically. So, you should consider this feature while buying an induction cooktop for your kitchen.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The auto shut-off feature is an important feature to consider when buying an induction cooktop for your home. This feature switches off the induction cooktop automatically when the pan is removed from the cooktop.

This feature also keeps the pan from overheating and turns off the induction cooktop automatically if the pan is placed over the cooktop for a long period. This is an important safety feature, and most induction cooktops come with this feature.   

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Coil Quality

You also need to check the coil quality of the induction cooktop when purchasing the best induction cooktop for your use. You should look for an induction cooktop that comes with a high-quality induction coil because it will offer better performance.

Make sure to look for an induction coil that is made of aluminum or copper. Make sure that you don’t buy an induction cooktop that comes with a low-quality coil.

Child Safety Feature

Child lock is an important feature to must-have in your induction cooktop. You should activate this feature when you are away from the induction cooktop because this will keep your child from switching on the induction cooktop accidentally.

With this feature, you can prevent the misuse of the induction cooktop by kids. When the child safety feature is activated, the power button of the appliance will work, but other buttons will not work.


While buying the best induction cooktop for your kitchen, considering the price of the appliance is an important point. You should look for an induction cooktop that includes all the features you need. Also, ensure that the price of the appliance suits your budget. By doing so, you can get a budget-friendly induction cooktop for your use.


Considering the warranty of the induction cooktop is crucial. An induction cooktop with at least one to two years of warranty is good to go for. By purchasing an induction cooktop with a broader warranty period, you can easily get replacement or repair service from the brand if there is a breakdown.   

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Touch Controls

If you are looking for an easy-to-use induction cooktop for your use, then you can look for buying an induction cooktop with touch controls. This will allow you to operate the appliance with ease. Make sure that you choose an induction cooktop with a high-quality touch panel for better usability. In general, induction cooktops that come with touch controls are long-lasting compared to button panels.

Other Features

You also need to look for some additional features to get the best induction cooktop for your home. For example, some induction cooktops come with a pause feature that temporarily locks the heat settings so that you can wipe the controls easily.

Also, some induction cooktops come with a keep warm feature to keep the food warm for a longer period. Because of this feature, you can keep your food warm for a certain period.


Buying an induction cooktop is a crucial thing for every Indian household. This appliance is very useful and helps in cooking foods very easily. They usually come with a variety of features for ease of cooking. In this article, we have listed some important points that you can consider when buying the best induction cooktop for your home.     

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