9 Things to Consider Before Buying an Iron In India

Many people generally don’t like the ironing job. It is basically a time-consuming job for many. But the results of ironing are always awesome. It makes your clothes look fresh and new. When you are going to attend a function, interview, or any other occasion, you will prefer wrinkle-free ironed clothing to look smart. And iron boxes are a must for this job.

You can get such clothes if you have the right iron box in your home. Nowadays, irons come with the latest technologies that make the ironing task easier. If you are looking for the best iron box in the market, you are at the right place. Here we have some essential points that will help you select a suitable iron box for your home.

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Top Best Iron Box in India

9 Things to Consider Before Buying an Iron In India

Safety Features

Considering the safety features of the iron box is very important when choosing the best iron box for your use. You will have to check the safety features of the iron box and select the one that comes with all the features you need.

Make sure that the iron box has an auto shut-off feature. This feature will eliminate the risk of fire if the iron box is not switched off. In this case, the iron box will get switched off automatically and avoid all kinds of dangers.

Philips Classic GC097/50 750-Watt Dry Iron 

philips iron box


The wattage of the iron box is another crucial point that you need to take into consideration. Actually, the wattage of the iron box determines its heating capacity. If the wattage of the iron box is high, the iron will offer better performance. Therefore, you must consider the wattage of the iron box and select the best one for you.

Temperature Control Option

The iron box should have a temperature control option so that you can change the temperature depending on your requirements. Generally, the best iron boxes come with six temperature control options for different types of fabrics. So, you can change the temperature as per your requirement and prevent your fabric from being damaged.

Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron

usha iron box

Easy To Use

You will need to ensure that the iron box is easy to use on all types of fabrics. It should feel convenient in hand and easy to operate. The design of the iron box should be user-friendly so that you will not face any difficulties when using it. Iron boxes that come with a simple design are excellent to use.

Weight Of the Iron Box

The wight of the iron will determine how easy it will be to use. Undoubtedly, the lighter iron boxes will be easy to use. But they can’t remove the creases efficiently. In general, an iron box with 1.5 kg of weight will be ideal for normal use.

But if the weight of the iron box is more than this, then it can be a little hard to use. If you want to iron more clothes, then a lighter iron box will be the right choice for you.

Crompton Brio 1000-Watts Dry Iron with Weilburger Coating

crompton iron box

Advanced Technologies

Nowadays, iron boxes come with advanced technologies to ensure optimal performance. These technologies also ensure the convenience of the user and help enhance the lifespan of the iron. For instance, some iron boxes come with an auto self-clean function to keep the iron safe from corrosion due to hard water.

Anti-drip technology in iron boxes helps prevent the spillage of water droplets. Also, you should look for the steam output of the iron box and get an iron box with higher steam output for better results. Some irons usually offer 15 gms of steam output, but some other irons offer up to 22 gms of steam output.


The warranty of the iron box is another important point to look for when buying. Make sure that the iron box comes with at least a two-year warranty to ensure better usability. The iron box that comes with a warranty is a better option to opt for. This will let you get support from the company in case of any issues.

Philips Hi113 1000-Watt Plastic Body Ptfe Coating Dry Iron


When buying any product, considering its price is one of the important factors. You should make your budget and then decide which iron box will be ideal for your use. It is always not good to buy an affordable or expensive iron box. You have to consider your budget and requirements to get the right product from the market.


Iron boxes from all brands are not the best to buy. So, you have to consider buying an iron from a reputed brand to ensure better performance. Buying an iron box from a local brand is not a good idea.

Some of the top iron box brands in India are Crompton, Philips, Bajaj, Usha, Morphy Richards, prestige, orient electric, Havells, lifelong, etc.


In conclusion, we can say that an iron box is an essential appliance for all homes but buying the right one is the key. If you get an inappropriate iron box for your use, then you can’t experience the desired performance. Therefore, you can consider the above points to select the right iron box for your use.

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