Best Pressure Cookers in India (Buying Guide)

best pressure cooker in india

As we all know, pressure cookers are a common utility in every kitchen. They are versatile and used for making a variety of dishes. Pressure cookers are used for different cooking tasks in every kitchen.

Because of this reason, buying the right pressure cooker is necessary. Here we have some of the crucial points to look for when buying a pressure cooker in India. You can refer to these points and buy the best pressure cooker in India for your kitchen.

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Types Of Pressure Cookers

Considering the types of pressure cookers is an important thing because they are available in different types. Generally, pressure cookers are available in three types, and those are as follows.

Aluminum Pressure Cooker

This is one of the most common types of pressure cooker used in India. Aluminum pressure cookers are made of aluminum material and are a good conductor of heat. So, these pressure cookers are ideal for cooking food faster.

They are reliable and lightweight and offer better performance. However, these pressure cookers are not compatible with induction cooktops, so many people don’t consider using them.


  • They are available at affordable prices.
  • These pressure cookers are energy-saving and are good conductors of heat.
  • Cook food faster
  • They are easy to use and clean.


  • Can be affected by corrosion and stain
  • They are not compatible with induction cooktop
  • Risk of burning food

Butterfly Cordial Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

butterfly pressure cooker

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 Litres

prestige aluminum pressure cooker

Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Stainless steel pressure cookers are durable, long-lasting, and are easy to use. They can withstand high temperatures and can be used for different cooking tasks. However, they are a little expensive compared to aluminum pressure cookers.

Stainless steel pressure cookers can be used at high temperatures for cooking different food items. Another good thing about these pressure cookers is that they don’t affect the acidic components of food items.


  • High durability
  • Safe to use and don’t affect the acidic food items
  • Ideal for high temperatures
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with induction cooktop


  • High cost
  • Weighty
  • Requires more time to cook

Prestige Svachh Deluxe Alpha 8 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

prestige pressure cooker

Hawkins 3 Litre Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Cooker

hawkins pressure cooker

Hard-Anodized Aluminum Pressure Cooker

These pressure cookers are designed using a hard-anodized process, so they are highly durable. Hard anodized material is usually used for making the outer structure of spacecraft. Moreover, these pressure cookers are scratch-resistant and can be cleaned easily. Although they are a little weighty, they are worth using.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Scratch-resistant and non-sticky
  • Safe to use and energy efficient
  • Don’t react to acidic foods


  • Weighty
  • Costly

Pigeon Titanium Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker – 5 Litres

pigeon pressure cooker

Prestige Svachh, 20240, 3 L, Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker


The capacity of the pressure cooker is another important thing to consider when buying a pressure cooker. Generally, pressure cookers are available in different capacities, so you will have to choose the right one depending on your requirements.

To decide the capacity of the pressure cooker, you will need to consider the size of your family. Depending on the number of members in your family, you can decide whether you need a large or small pressure cooker.


Considering the material of the pressure cooker is an important thing because they are usually made using a variety of materials. As discussed in the above section, you can decide on the right material depending on your requirements.


You will need to consider the handles of the pressure cooker before making a purchase. Make sure that the handles are heat-proof so that you can hold them with no worries. Further, the handles should be made in such a that the entire weight will be managed. You should feel easy to hold and carry the pressure cooker.

Type Of Lid

When selecting the right pressure cooker for your kitchen, you will have to make a choice between two types of lids. Generally, pressure cookers come with two types of lids, and those are the open lid and inner lid.

Open lids stay outside of the cooker and allow the cooker to hold more food. On the other side, inner lids stay inside the pressure cooker, so they take more space inside the cooker. Both types of lids are good to use and are efficient.

Some people consider buying pressure cookers with inner lids, while other people consider buying pressure cookers with outer lids. It usually depends on your preferences. According to your preferences, you can decide which type of lid is ideal for your use.

Hawkins Futura 3 Litre Pressure Cooker, Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

Non-Stick Coating

Usually, people consider non-stick coating when buying kitchenware because they eliminate the need for too much washing. But this is not good when it comes to pressure cookers.

If the pressure cooker comes with a non-stick coating, the coating can wear off and mix in the food. This can be unhealthy and create problems for you. When the coating gets worn off, food will start to stick to the walls of the pressure cooker again.


Safety is an important thing to look for when it comes to cooking good food. Therefore, you will need to choose a pressure cooker that comes with safety features to ensure a better experience. When cooking food, you will have to deal with fire, pressure, temperature, etc. So, safety is a very important feature to look for.

Induction Cooktop Compatibility

Induction cooktops are very popular nowadays, so it is important to buy a pressure cooker that is compatible with the induction cooktop. If you are using an induction cooktop in your kitchen, you will need to consider buying a pressure cooker that is compatible with the induction cooktop.


The pressure cooker should be easy to clean so that you can use the product with ease. If you use a dishwasher, you can opt for a dishwasher-safe pressure cooker. Otherwise, you can choose a pressure cooker that is easy to clean.


You will have to consider the warranty of the pressure cooker before buying it. Make sure that the pressure cooker comes with at least a one-year warranty to ensure better usability. Some pressure cookers also come with three years of warranty.


Pressure cookers in India are available in a wide price range. So, you will have to decide on a budget and then purchase a pressure cooker according to that. It is not a good idea to spend a lot of money on a pressure cooker. You will need to consider your needs and choose a pressure cooker accordingly.


So now you know the important features to take into consideration when buying the right pressure cooker for your kitchen. You will have to consider all your preferences and select a pressure cooker that can meet your requirements in the kitchen. We hope that this article will help you with this.

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