CELLBELL Gaming Chair Review (Faux Leather Adjustable GC01 Transformer Series)

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 12:10 am

For some people, a gaming chair is an expensive and unnecessary product. But the fact is that it is an ergonomic product and a must-have for every gamer. You need an ergonomic gaming chair if you give most of your time to gaming. For this purpose, you can consider using CELLBELL gaming chair because it is one of the top brands in India.

The CELLBELL GC01 transformer series gaming chair is a high-quality and ergonomic piece of furniture, and it is a must for every hardcore gamer. This chair comes under the transformer series of CELLBELL and mainly focuses on elevating the experiences and comfort levels of the user.

cellbell gaming chair

The Cellbell gaming chair is designed with durable faux leather to provide a premium feel to every gamer. It comes with appropriate cushioning for back support and proper alignment of the back and neck. This way, you can ensure that you won’t have body pain by using this gaming chair.

The seat is 8 mm thick and will enhance your comfort level. Another good thing about this chair is that it has adjustable and padded armrests. This gaming chair comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects, so you can reach the manufacturer if you face any issues.

If you are looking for a high-quality and ergonomic chair for improved comfort and support as a gamer, the CELLBELL GC01 chair will fulfill your requirements. After using this gaming chair, we are impressed with its performance. Here are the top features of this gaming chair.

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Top Features

Ergonomically Designed

The best thing about this adjustable gaming chair is that it is highly ergonomic. It is made of high-quality PU leather materials for better usability. This chair will suit the body posture of every gamer and will not cause any discomfort. You can sit on this chair comfortably for a longer period.

Lumbar Support

This CellBell gaming chair comes with lumbar support to enhance your seating position and provide a better gaming experience. Because of this reason, you won’t feel tired and pain in the waist. It also helps release your waist fatigue and provides better support.

Adjustable Armrests

Another unique feature of this gaming chair is that it comes with adjustable armrests. You can adjust the height of these armrests depending on your requirements. Furthermore, these armrests are padded with PU material for support and comfort.

Recliner Design

Gaming for long hours can result in body pain and make you feel tired. To help you deal with this situation, this gaming chair comes with a recliner feature. There is a lever on this chair that you have to pull to access the recline feature. It allows you to recline the chair from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Adjustable Height

The height of this gaming chair can be adjusted from 5 inches to 5.8 inches. Depending on your requirements, you can change the height of this chair. We liked how smoothly the height of this gaming chair works.  

Sturdy And Strong Metal Base

The CELLBELL GC10 gaming chair has a durable metal base for better stability and strength instead of a nylon or plastic wheelbase. If you don’t like gaming chairs with plastic or nylon base, you can opt for this chair.


  • The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 125 Kg, which is enough for most users.
  • It is designed with durable and strong materials to ensure maximum strength.
  • Every feature of this gaming chair can be accessed with ease.
  • A three-year warranty is provided against manufacturing defects.
  • The recliner design lets you sit in a comfortable position.


  • The gaming chair has a Do-It-Yourself installation facility which may not be convenient for some users.
  • It is an expensive chair.

Cellbell Gaming Chair Review

Whether you are a professional gamer or play PC games on an occasional basis, a gaming chair is a must-have ergonomic piece of furniture for you. As we have discussed above, the CELLBELL GC10 gaming chair comes with many useful features to improve gamers’ confidence and convenience.

This chair is a perfect fit for hardcore gamers who are in search of a durable, sturdy, and ergonomic chair. Also, other gamers who prefer comfort and convenience and can pay some extra for this can opt for this gaming chair.  

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