Top recipe books for microwave oven


After purchasing a microwave oven, any person will want to cook different dishes every day. But everyone doesn’t know how to prepare all the recipes. Therefore, one should follow a recipe book to cook different recipes every day.

If you are looking for some delicious recipes to prepare in your microwave oven, then this article can help you. Here are five microwave cooking books with around 50+ recipes in each. Also, out of five books, three books are free on Amazon kindle. Therefore, if you really want to serve different dishes to your friends and family every day, then you should step forward and choose a recipe book from here.   

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The complete guide to microwave oven:

This recipe book is written by one of the top food consultants and homemakers. The writer also contributes recipes to newspapers, magazines, TVs, and radio channels. This microwave cooking guide book contains the easiest recipes to cook in your microwave oven.

Microwave Indian recipes: Popular vegetarian meals

If you want to cook different Indian dishes at home, then the Microwave Indian recipes book can help you. This book has many vegetarian recipes to cook at home. If you don’t know how to cook veg recipes, then you can use this book and serve different Indian dishes to your family and friends. The best thing about this recipe book is it is free on Amazon kindle store.

365 Microwave cookbook:

This recipe book is also free to use on Amazon kindle. This book contains 365 recipes that can allow any homemaker to cook the best dishes in a microwave oven.

101 microwave recipes:

microwave recipe book

This microwave recipe book contains 101 simple recipes to cook in a microwave oven. If you recently purchased a microwave oven, then you can learn some delicious dishes in it. It comes at an affordable price and offers high value.

Microwave oven cookbook quick and easy recipes:

microwave recipe book

This microwave oven recipe book contains more than 68 recipes to prepare in a microwave oven. This book is ideal for families who love to explore new dishes every day. This book is also free on Amazon kindle.

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