technicalstudies.in started to help people overcome their dilemmas when buying a product, whether it is a home appliance, kitchen appliance, or an electronic product. If you feel confused or overwhelmed when choosing a ceiling fan, refrigerator, monitor, headphones, water heater, laptop, etc., we have buying guides for you on this site.

technicalstudies.in is a one-stop solution for you when buying a product online. We produce listicles on electronic products, home and kitchen accessories, and personal products to help you make the right decisions when buying a product.

Being tech-savvy, we understand the characteristics and principles of different products and explain them, providing detailed insights to the reader. Therefore, you will get to know various factors about a product and be able to choose the right product.

Apart from recommending and listing products available online, we recommend various books and courses related to technical studies. If you are a student and looking for books or courses related to technical studies, you will find many useful contents on technicalstudies.in.

If you are a working person who is looking for a certain course or book to improve your knowledge, books and courses listed on our website will be helpful for you. We update our listed time to time to make sure that you get the latest content every time.

Being passionate about design and creativity, we started a section to help designers to choose appropriate creative assets for their design projects. We publish listicles on various topics related to graphic design, such as fonts, graphic templates, logo design, stock photos, stock videos, etc.

Such posts will be helpful for designers who are looking for creative assets to enhance their design projects.

Currently, we have these five categories live, where you will get valuable posts every day. You can check them here-


In this section, we publish lists of the best fonts that you can consider for your upcoming designs. If you are looking for a stylish and appropriate font for your design projects, posts in this category will be helpful for you.

Home & Kitchen

Posts in this category are for you if you are looking to buy some products or accessories for your home or kitchen. We do thorough research and use our expertise to select the best and latest products available in the market and list them here. We value our readers’ time and believe in us and ensure to recommend the top products in every post.

Tools & Gear

This section is for electronic products and gadgets. You will find listicles on monitors, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, etc., in this category.

Courses & Books

This is the section where you will find lists of the best books and courses.


In the guides section, you will find posts related to how to do something.

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