20+ Best Wedding Fonts For Exquisite Wedding Events

When designing wedding invitations and other wedding stationery, choosing the perfect font to convey the right message is a crucial part of the process. The design should look and feel unique, adding a special touch to the wedding event. 

The choice of font design plays a significant role in determining the overall appearance of your design. That’s why selecting a font style that exudes a premium feel and complements the wedding theme is essential.

It’s advisable to steer clear of basic and default fonts commonly used in our day-to-day computer tasks. Instead, look for fonts that possess a unique, classy, and decorative quality.

However, we understand that this can be a time-consuming and daunting task, especially when there are numerous other wedding arrangements to handle. To simplify the process, we have curated a handpicked collection of the best wedding fonts in this blog post.

Containing fonts suitable for casual, formal, informal, and quirky design themes, this article offers you a wide range of design possibilities. Simply browse through this post to discover the right font choice for your upcoming wedding designs.

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wedding fonts
wedding fonts, Image Credit: Envato Elements

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20+ Best Wedding Fonts For Exquisite Wedding Events

1. Winlove Wedding Font

Introducing our first wedding font, Winlove, a trendy handwritten font that adds a unique touch to any design. The letterforms bring unmatched beauty to wedding invitations, branding projects, product packaging designs, and various other design contexts.

Winlove Wedding Font
Winlove Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Its simple, modern, and authentic appearance has the power to make any design stand out. Whether you use it for wedding invitations or other wedding stationery designs, this font will infuse a unique beauty and charm into your projects.

2. Nirmana – Brush Wedding Font

Featuring calligraphy-style letters crafted with thick to thin brush strokes, Nirmana, the brush wedding font, is an excellent choice for designs that require a calligraphy font. This font is ideal for any design related to wedding events.

Nirmana Brush Font Wedding
Nirmana Brush Font Wedding, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Moreover, the handwritten design makes this font suitable for creating stunning logos, labels, newsletters, letterheads, badges, posters, and more. By combining multiple alternate characters, stylistic sets, ligatures, swashes, and initial and terminal sets, this font offers you the flexibility to craft diverse design projects.

In total, the Nirmana font includes 326 glyphs, ensuring that you have everything you need for your design requirements. This font package can be accessed by anyone without the need for an additional design program.

3. Calliope – Modern Calligraphy Wedding Font

The next wedding font on our list is Calliope, a modern calligraphy wedding font that combines classic handwritten elegance with a contemporary touch. It’s an ideal choice for designs that require a calligraphy-style font.

Calliope - Modern Calligraphy Wedding Font
Calliope – Modern Calligraphy Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

This font offers 260 glyphs, including both uppercase and lowercase letters, standard ligatures, alternates, discretionary ligatures, numerals, and basic punctuation. You can use this modern wedding font for various design applications related to wedding events.

Furthermore, it’s versatile enough to be used for business cards, clothing designs, posters, brochures, merchandise, and more. Since the characters are PUA encoded, they can be easily accessed without the need for additional design software.

4. Beautifully – Wedding Font

For those in search of a modern script font for creating wedding-related designs, the Beautifully Wedding Font is a perfect choice to consider. Its beautiful and modern aesthetic adds a touch of elegance to your designs.

Beautifully - Wedding Font
Beautifully – Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Beautifully Wedding Font is well-suited for crafting wedding invitations, social media posts, branding projects, logos, and much more. It comes equipped with many features such as swashes, ligatures, and alternates to enhance the beauty of your designs.

5. Wedding Font Duo

The Wedding Font Duo is a harmonious combination of two classy fonts that offer a unique asset to infuse a contemporary flair into your designs. This font package includes the sleek and robust Retrohead font, along with the elegant Arthead font, and both fonts complement each other beautifully.

Wedding Font Pairing
Wedding Font Pairing, Image Credit: Envato Elements

By using both fonts together, you can create a magical effect in your designs. What we particularly appreciate about this font package is that both fonts not only look great together but also have distinct styles and aesthetics. 

As a result, you can use either or both of these fonts for various design purposes, making it a perfect choice for any wedding-related design project. Furthermore, this font package is available in four different weights and offers extensive language support.

6. Aroma Beauty

With its luxurious appearance, Aroma Beauty is an eye-catching font that’s perfect for anything related to wedding designs. The beautiful swashes and variations in stroke thickness lend a rich and elegant look to the letters, making any design truly stand out.

Aroma Beauty - Wedding Font
Aroma Beauty – Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Aroma Beauty font is versatile and suitable for a wide range of design projects, including packaging designs, brochures, clothing designs, logos, titles, magazines, and many other design applications. Its character set is extensive, including all the necessary glyphs and multilingual accents to accommodate your design needs.

7. Love Light Wedding Font

Love Light is an authentic handmade font with an elegant appearance that’s perfectly suited for creating stunning wedding designs. Its organic and curvy letters add a premium look to your designs.

Love light wedding font
Love light wedding font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

In addition to wedding designs, this font is also an excellent choice for product packaging, promotional materials, signatures, branding projects, and more. The character set includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

8. Roselitta – Wedding Font

Featuring a modern calligraphy style and meticulously crafted letters, Roselitta is a versatile font suitable for wedding designs and various other events. The letters exhibit detailed design and a clean appearance, making this font a wonderful asset for a wide range of design projects.

Roselitta - Wedding Font
Roselitta – Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Consider using this font for any design that requires a beautiful and handwritten flair. It includes PUA-encoded letters for easy accessibility.

9. Noble Serenity Elegant Wedding Typeface

Noble Serenity is a stunning typeface that embodies a unique blend of sophistication and tranquility. It boasts a delicate design with clean lines and balanced properties, elevating the overall look of your projects. Its stylish character adds an air of nostalgia and captivates those who appreciate the craftsmanship and design of a bygone era.

Noble Serenity - Elegant Wedding Typeface
Noble Serenity – Elegant Wedding Typeface, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Noble Serenity’s graceful letters make it an excellent choice for wedding-themed designs. Furthermore, this font can be used to create luxurious branding projects, editorial layouts, fashion designs, and more.

10. Diego Mary – A Wedding Font

Diego Mary is a beautiful, stylish, and clean handwritten font that brings a fresh edge to your wedding designs. Whether you’re crafting a wedding invitation card, working on wedding photography, creating a guest book, designing gift tags, or any other wedding stationery, the Diego Mary wedding font is designed to meet your design needs.

Diego Mary A Wedding Font
Diego Mary A Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Additionally, this font is versatile and suitable for social media posts, logos, taglines, website banners, print designs, quotes, Valentine’s Day themes, and more. It includes ligatures and swashes, along with a basic glyph set. Moreover, it is available in web font file format, making it suitable for web design purposes.

11. Love Sierra – Wedding Font

Love Sierra - A Wedding Font
Love Sierra – A Wedding Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing Love Sierra, a beautiful handwritten font that’s perfect for wedding and Valentine’s Day themes. Its unique letter design creates stunning artwork, regardless of the context in which you use it. In fact, this font features a distinctive writing style for wedding designs, including an arrow and heart symbol, making it particularly suitable for crafting wedding-themed designs. However, you can also unleash your creativity and create your own styles using this font.

Love Sierra Font is versatile and can be used for creating quotes, social media posts, image overlays, logos, posters, Christmas-themed designs, and more.

12. Prestigious – Modern Font

Modern Font - Prestigious
Modern Font – Prestigious, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Featuring a modern, luxurious, and elegant style, Prestigious is a unique font to consider for your wedding-themed designs. It’s the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury and charm to your wedding projects. The characters have a glossy appearance, delivering a rich aesthetic that makes this font ideal for designs requiring a graceful touch.

This modern font can also be effectively used for creating branding projects, social media graphics, advertising designs, magazine layouts, and more.

13. Love Craft – Lovely Font

Love Craft is a beautifully designed calligraphy font with a feminine theme and posh aesthetics. This font is ideal for use in various design projects, including wedding invitations, wedding stationery, websites, business materials, advertising, photography signatures, and a wide range of creative endeavors. 

Love Craft - A Lovely Font
Love Craft – A Lovely Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

It is available in OTF, TTF, and web font formats, ensuring versatility for different applications. Love Craft includes a character set with standard glyphs and multilingual accents.

14. CS Mulan Style Font

CS Mulan Style Fonts
CS Mulan Style Fonts, Image Credit: Envato Elements

CS Mulan offers a collection of four font styles, making it an excellent choice for those seeking diverse font options for creating eye-catching wedding designs. This font package provides you with the creative freedom to choose a specific style that best suits your design, allowing you to craft stylish and captivating projects.

In addition to wedding designs, CS Mulan can be used for DIY projects, book titles, retro-themed designs, product packaging, and more. You can mix and match its various shapes and patterns to achieve the exact look you desire for your projects.

15. Fiolalisa Font Duo

Fiolalisa - A Duo Font
Fiolalisa – A Duo Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Fiolalisa is a beautiful font duo that features stunning handcrafted letterforms. It offers two handwritten font styles, allowing you to choose the perfect one to meet your design requirements. This font package is ideal for designs related to wedding and Valentine’s Day themes. 

Additionally, it can be used for print designs, website banners, quotes, image overlays, posters, logos, and more. The character set includes basic glyphs, multilingual characters, and some swashes, providing you with all the necessary tools for your design needs.

16. Maximum Visionary Family Elegant Serif Font

Maximum Visionary is a modern font family consisting of 18 stylish fonts. Inspired by a famous minimalist logo, this font family boasts an elegant and stylish design capable of elevating any design to a masterpiece. 

Maximum Visionary Family Elegant Serif Font
Maximum Visionary Family Elegant Serif Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

With 18 font variations, it allows you to experiment with different styles and select the one that best suits your design requirements. You can use this modern serif font for wedding-related designs due to its stylish and elegant letterforms.

Furthermore, the font is versatile and can be used for designing logos, branding projects, advertising designs, banners, layout designs, and more. It’s available in web font file format and includes beautiful ligatures to enhance your design projects.

17. Hey Bunny’s Font

Introducing Hey Bunny’s, a charming handcrafted font that adds a unique style and flair to any design. This font exudes a modern and feminine vibe, allowing you to create captivating and visually pleasing designs. If you’re in search of a fun and pretty font for wedding-related designs or other creative projects, Hey Bunny’s font is worth exploring.

Hey Bunny's
Hey Bunny’s, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Hey Bunny’s font comes with standard glyphs and multilingual accents, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of design projects. It’s conveniently available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats, ensuring easy accessibility and compatibility for various design applications.

18. Balline – Modern Wedding Font

Balline, wedding fonts,
Balline, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing the Balline font, a charming handwritten font that’s perfect for designs in need of a personalized touch. Consider this font for creating wedding invitations, wedding stationery, greeting cards, thank-you cards, logos, and more. Its characters are meticulously designed with a flowing style, making this font suitable for a wide range of design needs. Balline includes standard glyphs and beautiful alternates, allowing you to craft superb designs. 

The characters in Balline are PUA encoded, ensuring easy accessibility without the need for additional software. The font package also contains multilingual characters, ligatures, swashes, and titling, providing you with the tools to design stunning artwork.

19. Nordin Extrude Font Family

Designed with a sense of retro American and European bold sans-serif lettering, Nordin Extrude is an outstanding font family that combines seven layered fonts. With a strong and detailed design, this font features an attractive contemporary aesthetic. 

Nordin Extrude Font Family
Nordin Extrude Font Family, Image Credit: Envato Elements

It is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a layered font with modern aesthetics for creating advertising and related designs. Nordin Extrude is also suitable for crafting quotes, branding materials, greeting cards, blog headers, stationery designs, name cards, posters, and more.

All seven fonts in this package are available in TTF and OTF file formats to meet various design requirements. Moreover, they are easily accessible without the need for additional software, thanks to PUA-encoded characters.

20. Beauty Balichot – Decorative Serif Font

Beauty Balichot - A Decorative Serif
Beauty Balichot – A Decorative Serif, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing Beauty Balichot, a modern serif font adorned with decorative elements, providing a luxurious and elegant appearance. This font is available in regular and italic versions, offering you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs. Beauty Balichot also includes several ligatures and alternates that allow you to combine them and create impressive designs. 

The addition of beautiful swashes gives this font a unique and ornate look, making it perfect for any design related to wedding themes. You can also use it for branding projects, advertising designs, quotes, photography designs, fashion designs, and more.

21. Bernadetta – Modern Classic Serif Font

With its modern, classic appearance, Bernadetta is a stunning font that brings your wedding designs to life. Its stylish curves make it a unique choice for creating a wide range of designs, from branding projects to product packaging and more. 

Bernadetta - A Modern Classic Serif
Bernadetta – A Modern Classic Serif, Image Credit: Envato Elements

This stylish font is available in TTF, OTF, and web font files, offering great versatility. Additionally, Bernadetta includes several OpenType features that you can access in OpenType savvy programs to enhance your design projects.

22. Epique Typeface

With its Victorian theme and ornamental elements, the Epique Typeface is an eye-catching wedding font that can be used to add a captivating touch to any wedding design. Inspired by Victorian typography, this font pays homage to the Victorian era. 

Epique Typeface
Epique Typeface, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Whether you’re designing wedding invitations, logotypes, headlines, T-shirts, logos, or anything else, the Epique Typeface would be an excellent choice. It features a character set containing all letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

How to Choose the Finest Wedding Font for Your Wedding Designs?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding font from the many available options, considering your specific design requirements is essential. To simplify the selection process, here are some excellent tips for you to keep in mind when selecting a wedding font:

  • Focus on Readability

Readability is paramount when choosing a wedding font. While aesthetics and ornamental elements are important for making the font visually appealing, it should also be legible to ensure that important details like the date, names, and venue are clear to the viewer. Fonts with excessive ornamental elements can be challenging to read, especially when used in smaller sizes.

  • The Wedding Theme

Consider the theme of your wedding. For a simple and casual event, decorative or handwritten fonts may be perfect. If you’re having a floral wedding theme, script or serif fonts with a sophisticated vibe might be the ideal choice. Your wedding font should harmonize with the overall theme, setting the right tone for the event.

  • Consider Your Personality

Your wedding font should reflect your personal style and evoke the right emotions. Think about your personality as a couple. Are you going for a romantic, modern, retro-themed, sweet, or adorable style? The font you choose should resonate with your individual and collective style.

  • Test the Font with Your Design Context

Before finalizing a font for your wedding-themed design, do a test run. Type out the names, dates, and other details to see how they look in the chosen font. If necessary, print a sample to assess readability and the overall aesthetic.

  • Single Font or Multiple Fonts

Decide whether you want to use a single font or multiple fonts in your wedding design. If you opt for a single font, you can choose one and use it consistently. However, if you choose to use multiple fonts, make sure they complement each other harmoniously. For instance, a decorative font can be paired with a readable or simple font for a balanced design.

  • Print Effects

Consider the printing methods you plan to use, such as foil stamping, letterpress, or embossing. Choose a font that works well with your selected printing methods. Some fonts may lend themselves better to specific printing effects, making the design process smoother and more effective.

20+ Best Wedding Fonts Summary

So now you have a curated list of eye-catching wedding fonts that will give an edge to your upcoming wedding-themed designs. Also, we have included some tips to help you in choosing the perfect wedding font for your design requirements. 

We hope these reviewed fonts and the font selection tips will be helpful for you while choosing a wedding font. 

Let’s know which wedding font you liked the most in the comment section, and also, don’t forget to share this post with your colleagues and friends so that they can benefit from it.       

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