20+ Best Outline Fonts For Sleek And Contemporary Designs 

Are you in search of a font that can bring a professional and impactful aesthetic to your design projects? Do you desire a font with more creative and unique characteristics? If your answer is yes, then you’re likely in need of an outline font for your project.

Outline fonts are perfect for a wide range of design contexts, spanning from social media graphics to web design. Their splendid design imparts a unique character to your designs, making them truly stand out.

Outline fonts can either be standalone or a variation of an existing font, and this can make it a bit confusing to decide which one to use. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of the best outline fonts to simplify your task.

You can explore these fonts and choose the one that suits your professional design projects, providing them with a creative and distinct look. Even combining these fonts with another font can result in an incredible aesthetic.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this list.

What Are Outline Fonts?

Before delving into outline fonts, let’s take a quick look at what outline fonts actually are. As the name suggests, outline fonts are created with geometric outlines, resulting in a stunning visual appearance. These fonts are known for their creativity and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of design contexts. One of their major advantages is their scalability, which means they can be used for designs of various sizes.

Outline fonts are perfect for capturing the attention of your audience, making them a great choice for a wide array of professional projects. Whether it’s for a logo, a business newsletter, or a branding design, outline fonts prove to be an ideal choice.

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Outline Fonts
Outline Fonts, Image Credit: Envato Elements

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20+ best outline fonts for sleek and contemporary designs 

Prospec Outline

The first outline font in this list is Prospec Outline, a decorative font exuding modern and futuristic vibes. Its elegant and unique design makes it an ideal choice for any project in need of an incredible touch. 

Prospec Outline
Prospec Outline, Image Credit: Envato Elements

It’s well-suited for business cards, web designs, tech-themed projects, gaming designs, and more. If you’re seeking a font with a modern and elegant touch, then Prospec Outline font is the right choice.

Sorreal – Outline Typeface

With a cool and friendly appearance, Sorreal is an attention-grabbing outline font suitable for any design that calls for a decorative appeal. It’s perfect for creating beautiful wedding invitations, logos, posters, letterheads, headings, and more. 

Sorreal – Outline Typeface
Sorreal – Outline Typeface, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Sorreal supports various international languages and is available in TTF, OTF, and web font formats. The font features all the basic elements, including beautiful ligatures and alternate characters. The outline letters are crafted with thin strokes, making them uniquely attractive.

Portico Outline

Portico Outline
Portico Outline, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Portico Outline is a sans-serif font with simple outline letters, perfect for professional applications. It offers both a regular and an outline version, giving you the flexibility to choose the right option for your design.

The character set includes uppercase letters, basic punctuation, numbers, and multilingual characters, allowing for effective use. Additionally, the neon-colored letters make this font package an excellent choice for neon-themed designs.

Grateful Life – Outline Handwritten Font

Grateful Life - Outline Handwritten Font
Grateful Life – Outline Handwritten Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

For designs that require an outline font with a handwritten touch, the Grateful Life Outline Handwritten Font could be the perfect choice. This font features beautifully handwritten characters, making it suitable for designs with a girly theme. 

Grateful Life can be used to create invitations, badges, posters, letterheads, labels, and other projects as needed. It boasts broad language support and includes stunning alternate characters and ligatures.

Kitty Fat – Outline Font

Kitty Fat - Outline
Kitty Fat – Outline, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Kitty Fat is a bold and brush-pen-lettered font crafted for designers in need of a bold outline font to create a sophisticated appearance. The characters feature smooth curves and cute aesthetics, making this font ideal for designs related to kids and cartoons. 

Kitty Fat is composed of all-caps letters and includes all the basic glyphs. If you’re looking for an outline font with a bold and cartoonish appearance, you might find this one appealing.

Belligro – Outline Script Font

Featuring cursive and outline designs, Belligro Outline Script Font is an excellent choice to infuse a personal touch into your designs. The script letters in an outline theme look stunning and offer you the opportunity to enhance your design projects. 

Belligro - Outline Script Font
Belligro – Outline Script Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

You can consider it for any design context that requires a handwritten and outlined touch. This font is a perfect fit for various design projects, including logos, branding projects, photography-related designs, labels, product designs, product packaging, and more. 

The font comes equipped with basic glyphs and several OpenType features that will assist you in creating outstanding artwork. You can access these features in OpenType-savvy programs.

Noligas – Futuristic Outline Font

Featuring a futuristic appearance and outlined letters, Noligas is a unique typeface that you can consider for tech-themed or futuristic design projects. The characters possess a distinctive and attractive quality, helping you create eye-catching design projects. 

Noligas, Outline Fonts
Noligas Outline Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

When you need an attention-grabbing headline for your designs, Noligas, the futuristic outline font, is a perfect choice. This font also boasts extensive language support, making it versatile for various design projects.

Spectron – Techo Sci-Fi Neon Outline Font

Spectron is a neon display font with outlined letters, perfect for designs that demand immediate attention. The outlined characters offer a unique style and bring an extraordinary feel to any design. 

Spectron - Techno Scifi Neon Outline Sans
Spectron – Techno Scifi Neon Outline Sans, Image Credit: Envato Elements

This font is well-suited for tech, sci-fi, modern, and futuristic-themed projects. You can consider using this font for stationery designs, game projects, music posters, blog designs, advertising designs, and other contexts where this font fits perfectly. If you need an outline font with a touch of sophistication, Spectron might meet your needs.

Minabih – Outline Font

Minabih-Outline Font
Minabih-Outline Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

With a contemporary aesthetic and stunning outlined characters, Minabih Outline is a captivating font suitable for designs in need of an authentic touch. This font is perfect for various professional design applications, such as branding projects, t-shirt designs, eSports-related designs, logos, tech-themed designs, and other design contexts. 

It features simple outlined glyphs with a striking character, allowing you to infuse your designs with captivating aesthetics.

Exodar – Futuristic Outline Font

Exodar - Futuristic Font YR
Exodar – Futuristic Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

With a sci-fi and futuristic style, Exodar is an excellent font for creating stunning design projects. The outlined characters of this font have an incredible look and can elevate any design work. 

If you’re seeking to infuse your designs with uniqueness and style, then the Exodar futuristic outline font is the perfect choice. Its character set includes all basic glyphs and multilingual accents, simplifying your design process.

Chuster – Retro Serif Font

Chuster - Retro Serif
Chuster – Retro Serif, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Combining retro themes and outlined letters, Chuster is a bold and attractive font that will elevate your designs. It offers both a regular and an outline version, allowing you to choose the right style for your specific design needs. Additionally, its bold and retro-inspired characters exude a classic and vintage feel. 

You can consider this font for a wide range of design projects, including brand identity, magazine headlines, book covers, posters, and various other design contexts. It comes with ligatures and alternates, enabling you to create stylish projects with ease.

Cingkong – Handwriting Font

Cingkong Outline Font
Cingkong Outline Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

With modern, beautiful, and colorful aesthetics, Cingkong is a perfect choice for anything related to branding design. It features a versatile and flexible design that allows you to use it in a wide range of design contexts. The outlined design of this font is eye-catching and adds an elevated look to any design, whether you’re using it for branding projects, posters, blog headers, and more.

Darling Bloom Font

Darling Bloom Font
Darling Bloom Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Darling Bloom is a unique outline font with a floral design that adds a sweet touch to your designs. Designed by hand, this unique outline font helps you create cute logos, wedding invitations, stationery designs, and more. With this font, you can infuse a delightful fragrance and make your designs stand out.

Ceylonia – Script Font

Ceylonia - Script Font
Ceylonia – Script Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

The next outline font is Ceylonia, a modern calligraphy script font that adds an authentic touch to your design projects. Inspired by outline lettering style, Ceylonia is a lovable font that brings a modern style to your designs. It also includes multilingual characters and OpenType features for enhanced versatility.

Sunkiss Bliss – Funny Tropical Font

Sunkiss Bliss – Funny Tropical Font
Sunkiss Bliss – Funny Tropical Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Sunkiss Bliss is an outlined tropical font with a summer theme, creating a unique and playful vibe for your design projects. This font is suitable for a wide range of projects, including signage, labels, invitations, posters, badges, and more. The outlined letters of this font are unique and creative, providing a stunning look to your designs. 

The character set of Sunkiss Bliss contains all basic glyphs and additional features, such as ligatures and alternates, ensuring a seamless design process. Sunkiss Bliss is available in OpenType, TrueType, and web font file formats, offering flexibility and versatility.

Kickers – Vintage Modern Font

Vintage Modern Font - Kickers
Vintage Modern Font – Kickers, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing Kickers, a vintage-modern font featuring beautiful letters with a stunning vintage style. This font is versatile enough for use in any design context. It features both a regular and an outline version, enabling you to select the most suitable font for your design needs. You can also use both versions together to achieve the exact look you desire. 

Kickers is a perfect choice for logotypes, branding projects, packaging designs, editorial designs, headlines, and more. If you’re in need of a font that combines vintage vibes with outline characters, the Kickers font is a worthy choice.

Azidhor Typeface

Azidhor typeface
Azidhor typeface, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Featuring the Azidhor typeface, a simple and stunning sans-serif font that adds a unique appearance to any design. Its outlined characters are incredible and will enhance your design projects. This font is suitable for designers seeking an appealing font for their branding or other professional designs. 

Azidhor is an outline font with an extensive character set, including uppercase letters, numbers, basic punctuation, alternate characters, and a vector version, along with nine premade logos. The characters are eye-catching and will surely help you capture your audience’s attention.

Night Dreamer Font Duo

Night Dreamer Font Duo
Night Dreamer Font Duo, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Night Dreamer is an excellent font duo featuring both a regular outline version and a filled version, providing an excellent touch to any design project. This font combination is a great choice for designs that require a cute and lovable appearance. 

You can use both fonts in this package to create designs related to children, branding projects, or any other design context. The font is available in TTF and OTF file formats, making it easier to use for a wide variety of designs.

Norice – Thin Modern Font

Norice - Thin Modern Font
Norice – Thin Modern Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you’re in search of an outline font with modern aesthetics, then the Norice thin modern font is a good choice. The letters have a partially outlined look, adding a unique sense to the beauty of this font. 

It is an ideal choice for creating magazine headlines, invitations, logo designs, product packaging, posters, quotes, signatures, labels, and more. The adaptable letters of this font make it suitable for diverse design contexts. It features multilingual letters, making it a versatile choice.

Ligakare – Modern Serif Font

Ligakare Modern Serif
Ligakare Modern Serif, Image Credit: Envato Elements

With a trendy and luxurious design, Ligakare is an outstanding modern serif font that offers both a regular and an outline version. The font features unique and attractive curves, providing a rich look to your projects. 

In this font package, you’ll find all standard characters, multilingual characters, beautiful ligatures, and alternates, which will be valuable assets for your design endeavors.

CodeMode – Hexagonal Techno Sci-Fi Neon Font

Codemode - Hexagonal Techno Scifi Neon Font
Codemode – Hexagonal Techno Scifi Neon Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Featuring a geometric structure and a techno-sci-fi theme, CodeMode is a stunning outline font that brings a futuristic and eye-catching vibe to any design. The attractive curves of this font offer visual elegance to the design project. 

Furthermore, the neon aesthetics give a futuristic look to the design, making your designs stand out from the crowd. With its unique hexagonal style, the CodeMode font is a perfect choice for any contemporary-themed design.

Organa Caps – Sans Serif Font

Organa Caps Outline Font
Organa Caps Outline Font, Image Credit: Envato Elements

Organa Caps is a mind-blowing geometric font with outline characters that bring a sense of creativity and uniqueness to any design project. Its new and eye-catching look is more than enough to create outstanding projects that exude visual elegance. 

The font is available in three captivating styles, allowing you to choose the appropriate font style for your design needs. It comes in TTF, OTF, and web font files, offering versatility and wide adaptability.

Best Outline Fonts Summary

So now, you have an insightful list of the best outline fonts that you can easily download on Envato Elements. If we missed anything, please let us know so that we can include it in this list. For more font inspirations, visit our posts on the best modern fonts and best minimalist fonts

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