Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch – Best Luxurious Smartwatch Under Rs.3500

Hello friends! Today, we are going to discuss a new smartwatch in this article, i.e., Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch. There is also another variant of this smartwatch, i.e., Boat Enigma Z40

Both smartwatches were recently launched in India under a price range of Rs. 3500 and are available on Amazon to buy. If you are interested in this watch and want to buy it, read this article once.

We will compare every feature of these two smartwatches and go through all the aspects you need to know before purchasing them. Actually, Boat has launched a new series of luxurious smartwatches named Enigma, and the Z20 and Z40 are two newly launched products in this series. 

Literally, Enigma refers to a mysterious thing or person, so let’s now see how mysterious these two watches are.


The Boat Enigma Z20 boasts a luxurious round dial design with a full metal body. It features a 1.51-inch HD display with a resolution of 360 pixels. However, it uses an LCD display, which could be upgraded to AMOLED at this price point.

One notable feature is its ability to save up to 250 contacts. While other brands offer smartwatches with 10 or 10+ contacts saving options, this feature sets the Boat Enigma Z20 apart.

Moving on to the Boat Enigma Z40 smartwatch; it shares a similar design with the Z20 but has a slightly smaller 1.32-inch screen. It comes with a round dial design and offers metal and leather strap options. Additional features include Bluetooth calling, health monitoring, activity tracking, IP67 rating, etc.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you’ll find the watch, a charging cable, warranty card, and user manual. The charging cable is of good quality, and the smartwatch comes with a one-year warranty. The box content for both watches is the same. To connect this smartwatch to your phone, you can use the Boat Wearables app.

Design & Build Quality of Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40

Both Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 feature a premium design with a metallic build. The front and sides of the watch are metal, while the back side is made of plastic material. In terms of looks, the Z40 appears more premium compared to the Z20.

The Z20 smartwatch has a stylish look with a rotating crown that allows you to alter watch faces by rotating this button. While the display is round, the outer circumstances have a squarish look. There are no other buttons available on this watch.

It comes with a standard 22mm strap with both metal and leather options, allowing you to select the style you prefer. The good thing is that the strap is replaceable. On the back side, it features a charging pin and built-in sensors.

In the case of the Boat Enigma Z40 smartwatch, the placement of the rotating button, sensors, and charging pin is the same as Z20. However, it has a button interface on both sides of the crown button, giving the watch a more premium look.

One thing worth noting is that both Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 smartwatches focus more on looks and aesthetics rather than functionalities. If you are looking for a stylish and appealing watch, then either of these watches would be a good choice.

Display and Watch Faces of Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 Smartwatch

The Enigma Z20 is equipped with a 1.51-inch TFT HD display featuring a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. While the display is good, it could have been enhanced with an AMOLED display, considering the price point. Despite this, the display performance is satisfactory. The combination of the display and the outer case makes this watch appear larger, so it may not be recommended for thin wrists. However, it fits well on normal and larger wrists.

The Enigma Z40 smartwatch also features a TFT display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, but the screen size is slightly smaller at 1.32 inches. While a better display could have been expected at this price point, the resolution is good, ensuring a decent display performance. Due to its reasonable display size, it is suitable for different wrist sizes.

Both watches come with a rotating crown feature, allowing you to change watch faces by rotating the crown. Additionally, the crown’s rotating feature enables easy navigation up and down the menu.

On the mobile app, you will find over 100 cloud watch faces in analog and digital formats, available in different styles. From there, you can select the appropriate watch face. The watches also support custom watch faces, allowing you to set any image you prefer as your watch face. 

In this section, you can alter the color of the time and add or remove step count, calorie count, and blood pressure monitor data. Both the cloud and custom watch faces of these watches are stunning.

Calling Features and Notifications on Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 Smartwatches

Both Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 smartwatches come equipped with Bluetooth calling features, including a built-in speaker and microphone. The watch’s speaker functions well, ensuring clear audio for the user, and the built-in microphone enhances the calling experience.

The calling features include an easy-to-use dial pad that operates smoothly, allowing you to dial any number directly from the watch. Additionally, the watch enables you to save up to 250 contacts, which is a notable feature.

When receiving a call, the watch displays options to pick up or disconnect. After picking up the call, you have the ability to disconnect, mute, and control the volume. However, there is no option to transfer the call to the phone.

These smartwatches support all social media notifications, and you can customize them according to your preferences. Additionally, you can receive notifications from other apps, although customization options for these notifications are limited.

Overall, both smartwatch models offer excellent calling and notification features, but the addition of a call transfer feature would have been a valuable enhancement.

UI and Features of Boat Enigma Z20 and Z40 Smartwatches

The UI of these watches is similar to other Boat smartwatches in the market. When you swipe right, you can access shortcuts for SpO2, heart rate tracking, steps counter, sleep mode, etc. Swiping up reveals notifications, and swiping down displays other functions of the watch.

Swiping left shows the shortcut menu where you can access important settings. You can change the watch faces either by using the functional crown or by long-pressing on the screen.

The Boat Enigma Z20 smartwatch is equipped with IP68 water resistance, while the Z40 has an IP67 rating. This allows you to use the watches for water sports and workouts, and they can withstand water splashes and dust during day-to-day use.

boAt Enigma Z40 Smartwatch Features
boAt Enigma Z40 Smartwatch Features, Image Credit: Amazon

However, it’s worth noting that these watches lack an always-on display option, which is expected at this price range. There are over 100 sports modes available, allowing you to select any sport activity and track your performance.

The music control feature of these smartwatches works well, enabling you to play/pause music and navigate to previous or next tracks. Other features include alarm, stopwatch, weather forecast, calculator, and camera controls. The watches offer a comprehensive set of features suitable for various activities and daily tasks.

Battery Performance

The smartwatch is equipped with a 390mAh battery that takes less than 2 hours to fully charge with a 10W charger. It’s advisable to use a 10W charger for charging, as it ensures the safety of the battery and helps it last longer. The battery lasts up to 2 days with the Bluetooth calling function activated. With normal use, it provides a battery life of 5 to 6 days. If not connected to the phone, it may last up to 7 to 8 days.

Accuracy of Sensors

It’s important not to rely on smartwatch sensor readings for serious conditions; they are best suited for casual purposes. Regarding the heart rate and SpO2 monitor of this watch, the results deviate by 4 to 5 points from the readings of an oximeter.

The blood pressure monitor is not considered highly reliable, providing only some indicative values. The sleep monitor is approximately 50% reliable, so trust it according to your needs.

On a positive note, the step counter feature is accurate and reliable compared to other sensors in the watch. If you’re primarily interested in tracking your steps, this feature can be considered trustworthy.

Should You Buy The Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch?

Now that you have all the information about both smartwatches, you can make the right decision based on your preferences. Both watches have a luxurious and premium look that can enhance your outfit and grab attention. Despite some issues like an average display and unreliable sensors, these watches are a worthy choice, especially if you prioritize style over functionality.

In our opinion, both smartwatches are suitable for individuals willing to compromise on a few functionalities for the sake of a luxurious look. They excel in terms of aesthetics. However, if you are looking for a premium look along with excellent features, we would recommend considering the Boat Lunar Tigon Smartwatch as an alternative.

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