pTron Reflect Pro/Pro Plus – Best Budget Apple Clone Watch under Rs. 1500

Hello, friends! Welcome back to our new article, where we will explore another budget-friendly smartwatch. Today, we will discuss a budget-friendly smartwatch, which is a clone watch of the Apple Watch Ultra. This smartwatch is from the pTron brand, and its name is Ptron Reflect Pro Plus.

Actually, this watch is available in two variants: Ptron Reflect Pro and Ptron Reflect Pro Plus. Ptron Reflect Pro comes with a 1.85-inch display and is priced under 1000 rupees. The second one is Ptron Reflect Pro Plus smartwatch, which comes with a 2.01-inch display and costs under 1500 rupees.

The only difference between these two variants is the display size. Apart from this, everything is the same. So, the 1.85-inch variant is suitable for people with thin wrists, and the 2.01-inch variant is suitable for people with normal wrists.

The Pro variant is available with a silicone strap, while the Pro Plus variant is available with metallic and fabric strap options. Therefore, you can go with any variant or strap style, depending on your preferences.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about this smartwatch so that you can make an informed decision. So, with no further delay, let’s get started.

Product Price
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch (Black) Rs. 999
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch (Blue) Rs. 999
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch (Gold/Silver) Rs. 999
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch (Silver/Black) Rs. 999
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Metal Blue)Rs. 1199
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Jet Black)Rs. 1199
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Metal Black)Rs. 1399
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Metal Green)Rs. 1199
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Metal Orange)Rs. 1199
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch (Metal Silver)Rs. 1399

What’s in the box? 

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch, Image Credit: Amazon

Upon opening the box, you will see the smartwatch, a wireless charging cable, and a card with two QR codes – one QR code is for downloading the app, and the other one is for warranty registration. 

By the way, this watch comes with a one-year warranty. The charging cable has good build quality and an optimal length for convenience.

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Design and Build Quality of pTron Reflect Pro/Pro Plus

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus Smartwatch, Image Credit: Amazon

As it is an Apple clone watch, it has a metallic design with a flat display, looking quite premium. The length of the watch is 46mm, the breadth is 36mm, and the thickness is 10mm, making it slim and light. This dimension is for the Ptron Reflect Pro variant.

On the right side, it has a rotating crown, a button, and a mic grill. There is another button and a speaker grill on the left side of the watch. On the back, it has Ptron branding, a wireless charging module, and health tracking sensors.

We found that the magnetic effect of the charging module is less compared to other watches. However, there are no issues in charging. It takes 3 hours to charge fully with a 10W charger, and information about the battery capacity is not provided anywhere.

The Ptron smartwatch comes with a 22mm durable strap with a stretchable, soft, and comfortable design. The strap has Ptron branding on it. There is a metallic buckle for easy closure. The strap is removable, which is easy to do by simply sliding it.

Overall, the full metallic body, button and microphone placement, and soft and stretchable strap make it a super comfortable watch in this budget segment. Everything it provides in this price range is totally value for money.

Display and Watch Faces

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus watch
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus watch, Image Credit: Amazon

The watch has a 1.85-inch large display with slim bezels and a resolution of 240 x 286 pixels. This is an average display with good color reproduction and sharp visuals. However, it does not support a 180° viewing angle.

The brightness is not that good compared to other smartwatches in the market. The maximum brightness also feels low. After applying a custom watch face, the brightness becomes lower, so one drawback of this smartwatch is its brightness.

The rotating crown on the side is functional and also has a button-like feature. A single press of this button takes you to the back or the main menu. By double-pressing this button, you can change the menu style. By rotating this button, you can change the watch faces and navigate the menu up and down.

There is another button under the rotating crown, which functions as a power on/off button. The button on the left side has a custom function, so you can set the function for it depending on your preferences.

On sliding to the right side, you can see the available watch faces and set any watch face from it. There are over 100 cloud watch faces under the dial setting of the Ptron smartwatch app, including analog and digital options. Furthermore, the watch faces are categorized for easy browsing.

With the custom watch face function, you can set any image according to your choice. Further, you can modify the placement of the time on the screen.

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Watch
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Watch, Image Credit: Amazon

Bluetooth Calling and Notifications

When it comes to Bluetooth calling, the Ptron Reflect Pro smartwatch offers a smooth calling experience with the built-in microphone and speaker. Both of them work optimally so that the calling experience will be smooth and clear.

In the Bluetooth setting of the watch, there is an audio and call feature, and the call feature switches off when the audio feature is off. As a result, you will hear sound from the watch for any activity you do on your smartphone, for example, watching videos, playing music, etc.

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro, Image Credit: Amazon

The watch can make and receive calls without any flaws. When a call is received, it vibrates and shows options for picking or hanging up the call. There are no additional adjustment options. Also, it displays the number of the caller, not the name. It also works with social media calls.

When the calling feature is off, you will get only call notifications but can’t answer them from the watch. The dialer functions properly and lets you dial any number easily. You can save up to 8 contacts on this watch through the mobile app and dial those contacts from the watch itself. However, there is no option for call history.

This smartwatch provides notifications for missed calls and social media apps but doesn’t have notifications for any other app. The screen lights up when a notification is received.

Features and UI

Under 1000 rupees, the Ptron Reflect Pro smartwatch houses several useful features to make the overall user experience smoother and better.

It is equipped with an IP67 water resistance feature, which supports immersion in water up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. Therefore, you can use it for swimming and other water sports.

The rise-to-awake feature of the watch works perfectly and switches on the display every time you raise your hand. The display switches off when the screen timeout happens as per the settings you made.

Its “find my phone” feature works properly and produces a beep-beep sound for the same. Also, it will produce the sound only when the smartphone is in a normal state. It won’t function if the smartphone is in silent or vibration mode.

Music control works smoothly on the watch, allowing you to play, pause, skip to the next track, go to the previous track, and adjust the volume up/down.

On the home screen of the mobile app, you can see all your health and tracking-related data. You can connect the watch with the phone by going to the settings tab of the mobile app.

It has a sedentary reminder feature and doesn’t have a drinking water reminder feature.

pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Plus, Image Credit: Amazon

UI of the pTron Reflect Pro/Pro Plus Watch

When you slide up, you can see app notifications on the screen. It supports 4 to 5 lines of text and displays the message in small fonts, allowing you to read the text on this watch conveniently. However, you can’t reply from the watch.

When you swipe up, you will see battery info, flight mode option, music control, DND mode option, brightness adjustment, and calling feature on/off feature. When you switch on the flight mode in the watch, it disconnects from the phone.

There are also six menu styles available from which you can select one option.

  1. The first menu style is a list where all apps appear in a list view. This is quite informative and easy to use.
  2. The second style is the honeycomb menu. It is a colorful and unique style that gives a sleek experience.
  3. The third menu option is grid, which is smooth and easier to understand. Its animation is quite intuitive, similar to the way apps appear on a feature phone.
  4. The fourth menu style is the flower style that blooms like a flower when you slide the screen. It places apps in a circular style, which looks very cute.
  5. The next menu style is a circular menu, which displays apps in a circular style. In this style, the apps move in a rotating movement when you slide.
  6. The last menu style also displays apps in a circular way but is slightly different from the circular menu style.

All apps of this smartwatch include phone, contacts, heart rate, blood oxygen, health tricycle, ECG, sports, camera, blood pressure, music, reset, weather, looking for or find my phone, sleep, menu style, notifications, stopwatch, QR code, games, noise detection, calculator, and breathe.

More functions of this watch include voice assistant, about, language setting, time setting, date setting, backlight time, go-back time, and side key settings.

The side key setting allows you to set a function for the custom button available on the left side. These functions include sports, blood pressure, health tracker, heart rate, voice assistant, game, and main menu.

Moreover, the watch has an always-on display feature of 5 seconds. Whenever the screen switches off, the always-on display appears and then switches off if this mode is enabled.

This was all about the UI of this smartwatch, and we hope that you now have a little idea of how the UI of Ptron Reflect Pro and Ptron Reflect Pro Plus smartwatches works.

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Accuracy of Sensors

The Ptron Reflect Pro smartwatch is equipped with heart rate, SpO2, blood pressure, and ECG measurement options. However, we noticed that the accuracy is not up to the mark. The heart rate and SpO2 measurement results are not accurate at all.

The blood pressure measurement results are also not that reliable. When the heart rate monitor is not accurate, what can we expect from the ECG feature? Therefore, we suggest not relying on the health tracking results of this smartwatch at all. The step counting feature works fine.

Moreover, the activity tracking features, sleep tracking, and calories counter features of this watch are not accurate. So, you can’t rely solely on the results provided by the watch.

Should You Buy The pTron Reflect Pro / Pro Plus Smartwatch?

Overall, the Ptron Reflect Pro smartwatch is a perfect gadget under the 1000 rupees price range, and for the Ptron Reflect Pro Plus smartwatch, this price range is under 1500 rupees. Both watches have excellent build quality, a smooth user interface, and incredible design.

However, some disadvantages are also present, such as app connectivity issues, health monitor accuracy, low brightness, and tracker accuracy. Despite these drawbacks, if you like this watch, you can consider purchasing it.

In our opinion, considering the price, the watch has everything you would need for your day-to-day life. Although there are some drawbacks, we can’t expect more features or better performance at this price point. So, it is up to you whether you want to buy it or not.

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