How to buy table lamps in India? 6 factors to consider

Having the best table lamps becomes important when you feel headaches or eye strain due to late-night study or work routines. They also come in handy when there is a power cut. With a good study lamp, you can adjust the angle and brightness of the light according to your requirements.

So, there will be no impact on your eyes in the long run. But it can be tricky to get the best one for you because the Indian market has many options to choose from. In this buying guide, we have listed some crucial factors to consider when choosing the best study lamp in India.

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Type of Light

Tables lamps in India are available in various types depending on the type of light they use. White and cool lights are great for better learning, but yellow and warm lights are suitable for relaxing. Also, you will need to check if the lamp has led lights or incandescent bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights consume less energy.

Adjustment Options

The best study lamps come with several adjustment options, such as goosenecks, swing arms, boom arms, swiveling heads, etc. Some lamps can be adjusted up to 360 degrees, while others allow you to adjust up to 180 degrees. So, you should choose an option depending on your requirements.


The size of the table lamp is another important thing to look for when you are choosing one for your study purposes. These lamps are available in various sizes, so you should consider the size of your desk and choose a table lamp accordingly.

Brightness Adjustment Options

A study lamp can be used for various purposes if it has some brightness adjustment options. This allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp depending on your needs. A table lamp with at least two brightness adjustment options can be used efficiently. Also, it will improve your overall experience.

Battery Powered or Plugin Type

Some study lamps need power from a wall socket to operate, while others operate via a rechargeable battery. If you need a portable table lamp to carry with you to different locations, you should choose a battery-powered table lamp.

Also, it should be lightweight so that you will not face any difficulties during transportation. If you want to use a study lamp at home in one fixed place, you can choose a plugin-type lamp.


When looking for the best study lamp in India, you will come across products from various brands. But it is a good idea to choose a table lamp from a reliable brand. Check the customer reviews and compare the product with the products of other brands to find the best study lamp for your use.

6 Things to consider before buying table lamps for study in India

Table lamps come in handy when you are doing something important, and there is a power cut. They come with many useful features to provide you with enough brightness and help you perform your tasks without any hassle. We hope this article will help you select the right study lamp from the market.  

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